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We provide high-quality Rwanda arabicum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda arabicum from family growers in the country.

Whether as a garden plant or a flower, Rwanda arabicum (Ornithogalum) is a bulb-sprouting star-shaped white flower with yellow pollen. In a field, it looks like a crop of tall, elegant green reeds but upon close examination, it reveals its leathery white blooms. These enclose a central bulb that is topped by a narrow spike.

The origin of Ornithogalum arabicum was the northern part of Africa and the Mediterranean region.  Its source and the shape of the flower head helped give it the name, ‘star of Bethlehem.’  It has the same seductive qualities of desert rose (adenium obesum) which belongs to the adenium family.

The other species which is popular in Japan but now widely grown in Africa is arabicum adenium or bonsai tree, which is a sight to behold. Even in its full size, it still serves as a pot plant. In appearance, the thick trunk can be purple or grey. The huge dome of flowery head comes with green leaves that look like a combed field topped with pink or reddish blooms.  It is a shrub that looks fat and thick from a distance.  This cultivar can be very expensive when it has stayed in the field for generations.

We source Rwanda arabicum from various parts of the country. Here, farmers grow them in either open fields or enclosed greenhouses. The family growers follow strict growing conditions that forgo the use of commercial fertilizer in favor of farmyard manure. They also reduce dependence on chemical sprays to keep their crops quality for the international market.

We harvest Rwanda arabicum by slashing the tall spikes above the bulb and leaving the corm behind to sprout again. We go for flowers that have fully opened and are therefore mature. We keep the cut stems dipped in water to maintain fresh quality throughout the post-harvest period. Our handling is quite phytosanitary as we not only use sanitized cutting tools but decontaminated dipping water.

We sort Rwanda arabicum by size and cultivar. For the Ornithogalum species, we keep the white, lengthy blooms together for direct shipping. We also bunch the adenium variety flowers in their reddish or pinkish blooms together for uniform packing.

We pack Rwanda arabicum in telescopic cartons in single or bunched spikes. We wrap the blooms in polythene sleeves that reduce moisture loss. After inserting the bunched stems into the box, we partition them with soft wax paper to maintain a bruise-free traveling environment. We label each consignment with the name/cultivar, source and the number of stems per box.

We store Rwanda arabicum at temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. We maintain a cool, dry environment for freshness and moisture retention throughout the storage duration.

We transport the cargo on the same day of packing via our refrigerated vehicles to the airport in Kigali. The consignment will be ready for arrival in your destination in a day or two after the dispatch date.

If you are therefore after a plant that comes with very resplendent silken white blooms, get in touch with us for Rwanda arabicum. We source the flowers from family growers who cultivate it under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We only go for sources that have met chemical and organic manure application guidelines to observe quality. We keep the right tonnage by always making sure that there is a surplus. On top of that, we extend reasonable prices to meet your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!

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