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We provide high-quality Rwanda hagenia to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda hagenia from family growers in the country.

Rwanda hagenia (Hagenia abyssnica) is a flowering tree that is native to Ethiopia but grows in the entire East and Central Africa region. The 20-meter tall tree bears tiny reddish-pink flowers that also come in a dull orange color. The blooms give stark contrast to the leaf clusters that form dense bunches in strategic parts of the stem. There are about 13 tiny flowers in every such leaf bunch. Their dimensions do not go beyond 10 cm long. The plant thrives in the mountainous parts of Rwanda especially the Parc National des Volcans Mountains. The locals call it umugeshi or umugeti in Kinyarwanda.

The original home of hagenia was the Ethiopian highlands.  Locals used it for intestinal pest eradication from tree extracts. In the 1900s, the extract had become a medical drug that people would use to give an excuse for work absenteeism just like they do in hospitals.

We source Rwanda hagenia from various parts of the country especially the volcanic Parc mountain area. We only make contact with family growers with less than two acres of land. These maintain the crop with mulch and minimize chemical spray use.

We harvest Rwanda hagenia by cutting the inflorescence delicately from the leaf formation. We dip the fresh flowers in a water solution soon after their delivery to the packinghouse. We then process the seeds for making the important herbal powder. We initialize the process by drying the blossoms in readiness for grinding them into a fine powder. We grind only the female pistils as the male ones have no medicinal potency. This is why we sort the male from the female pollen in our sieving machines. After grinding is over, we collect a kilogram per 4000 seeds from the female pistil of the flowers.

For the fresh Rwanda hagenia flowers, we sort them by size, color and healthy appearance. We keep only the healthiest that are in either half-or full-bloom. Any wilted, mini-size or immature bloom does not feature in the final consignment.

We pack Rwanda hagenia in dual forms. These include fresh flowers and ground powder. We wrap the fresh flower including its seed, stem and inflorescence in a plastic sleeve undried. We keep about five stems per bunch. We use fiberboard cartons of telescopic design to pack the flowers. We touch off with labels inclusive of the name of the produce, the source, the packing date and the destination.

For the powder, we use sachets that weigh a basic 8 or 16 grams. We also have larger ones of 35-gram capacity for the larger consignments. We seal them off in hermetic tins that maintain a controlled environment temperature.

We store Rwanda hagenia immediately after its delivery to the packinghouse at between 0 and 1 degree Celsius. The intent is to keep both the color and healthy condition of the flowers. We store the fine seed powder in vacuum-sealed hermetic tins and sachets to maintain the optimal temperature.

We are therefore your first choice for Rwanda hagenia right from the flower-growing regions of the country.  Our blooms come from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms as a guarantee of quality. Besides, we maintain phytosanitary controls throughout the post-harvest handling phase to preserve field quality. We keep the quantity exact to your needs by directing our family sources to provide a surplus. If you are one for pricing terms, then you are into luck as we keep our rates very fair and affordable. Make an order today!

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