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We provide high-quality Rwanda agapanthus blue/white flowers to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda agapanthus blue/white from family growers in the country.

Rwanda Agapanthus africanus commonly known as African lily is a vibrant flower that has showy purple or blue inflorescence. Normally, the flowers grow in clusters on top of each thin spike. They look like purplish feathers due to their oval-shaped paired formation. The large blooms can consist of a hundred tiny florets inside. The stems emerge from a bulb that conserves water for them. This makes them survive even extremely dry conditions. The plants have an origin in South Africa and have since spread to various other African countries including Rwanda.

The origin of the name is the Greek word agap and Anthos, which combined mean the ‘flower of love.’ It is not just attractive to humans as it also attracts pollinating agents like bees. It does well in open fields and pots alike. This is due to its evergreen leaves that always help add color to the beautiful, architecturally-formed blooms.

We source Rwanda agapanthus from the forested areas in the west of the country. Our family sources grow them in less than 2 acres. They conserve them via farmyard manure and maintain them with only recommended pesticides.

We harvest Rwanda agapanthus when they have attained full blue or purple blooms. We cut each stem using a sharp knife at a good portion of the tall stem. Upon request, we can also pick the seeds after they have turned brown in their pods immediately after the flower harvest. For the fresh stems, we keep them in water for conservation.

We place the tall stems with showy flowers in a cool, dry environment for sorting, grading and packing. We look for blooms that are either half or fully open. The longest ones with immaculate blooms feature in the first grade. The rest with their crystal blue features go into the next grade. We also include the color feature which can either be purplish-blue or white.

We pack Rwanda agapanthus in their tight, steady stems either singly or in bunched bundles of 25 flowers. We enclose them in plastic sleeves to give them protection against quality loss. We then pack them in telescopic boxes where we separate each cluster or stem from the rest with a soft wax material. We label all cartons with the details of name/cultivar, color (white or bluish-purple), country of origin and the number of stems/net weight.

As ‘Lily of the Nile’ requires warm temperatures, we keep it dipped in water at 15 degrees Celsius. We maintain proper ventilation and low lighting so as not to affect the freshness and the color of the blooms.

We transport Rwanda agapanthus to Kigali International Airport on the same day of packing by our special trucks. You can expect the blooms to reach you in the space of 1 to 2 days after departure depending on the relative distance to your city.

You therefore now have a reliable supplier of one of the hardy but showy flowers native to Africa, namely Rwanda agapanthus. Our African lily comes from family growers who are certified with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. In short, you will be able to obtain only fresh quality stems that have a competitive vase life. If you like, we also offer improved hybrids that enhance the wonderful color and natural formation of the showy blooms with their long pistils in the middle. We match your quantity request by being ready with the surplus during each season. Our prices, too, are quite low as we tailor them to your budget. Make an order today!

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