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We provide high-quality Rwanda crocosmia flowers to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda crocosmia from family growers in the country.

A very good looking shapely flower, Rwanda Croscomia Lucifer is one of the notable blooms that stand out in the middle of the African savannah. It is native to East Africa and can be found from Sudan to Rwanda.  The plant grows in clumps where bulbs support horizontal stems that bear many flowers. In appearance, the flower looks delicate in its vibrant red color in its fashionably segmented inflorescence.  A stem which grows vertically is decorated by simple buds upon which paired flowers in a trumpet design sprout. Each stalk can have between 4 and 20 such red or orange blooms. The entire plant can reach a meter in height while the horizontal corm sprouts can reach 0.5 meters. The uses of the flower other than decoration include the making of a yellow-colored dye that smells like saffron.

Rwanda grows crocosmia in various parts where the crop has even become invasive. It is a common sight on riverbeds and swamps. The ease of cultivation is because the plant does well even in poor soils as long as they are well-drained.

We source Rwanda crocosmia from all parts of the country. Though the plant thrives in the wild, our farmers strive to grow theirs in the fields. They own at least an acre or two of land. They manage the fields with manure and abstain from the use of harmful chemicals.

We harvest Rwanda crocosmia when the bottom-most flowers begin to open. We cut them together with their handling stem. We immerse the stems in warm water at 38 degrees Celsius for the next two days in a dimly lit interior. The reason for this is to prolong the shelf life of the blooms.

We sort the many spikes of Rwanda croscomia after cooling them by size, color and other healthy attributes. We keep the orange and red types separately unless they are undergoing bulk shipment. We remove any wilted or unopened bloom from the rest to reduce contamination.

We pack Rwanda crocosmia in horizontal telescopic cartons. Each of these comes with a holding capacity for bulk, single stems or bunched bundles. The bunches include around 25 stems wrapped in plastic sleeves. We separate single or bunched sleeves with soft wax papers to reduce friction and injury. The bulk ones come in single layers per box for a bruise-free arrival. All our cartons feature labels of the name/cultivar, color, number of stems and the packing date.

We store Rwanda crocosmia in temperatures of less than 4 degrees Celsius. For the seeds that have undergone harvesting, we maintain around 0 degrees Celsius. We keep the blooms dipped in warm water during the temporary storage before dispatch.

We transport crocosmia to Kigali International Airport on the same day of packing via our refrigerated trucks. You can look forward to the arrival of the cut blooms in the space of just a day or two after departure, depending on your part of the world.

You are therefore in for some of the most fashionable-looking easy-to-grow flowers from Africa, namely Rwanda crocosmia. We source them from designate family growers in various parts of this Great Lakes region’s country. We keep our handling phytosanitary to give the flowers a vase life of more than 21 days. Besides, we sort your request by adhering to your exact quantity specification through our family sources that always provide a surplus. We also welcome you to sample our very competitive prices that we tailor to your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!

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