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We provide high-quality Rwanda jasmine to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda jasmine from family growers in the country.

A member of the olive family, the aromatic Rwanda jasmine (mainly J. officinale) flower is a sight to behold in its star-shaped white allure. Despite its origins in the warmer parts of Europe and the Far-east, it is now widespread in the tropical world including Rwanda.  In appearance, the plant bears white/yellow blooms with round symmetrical petals. African types bear as many as nine petals while those in northern climates have 6 of these. The shapely flower inside the petals looks funnel-like from far and round, proximately. Its aroma attracts bees which transfer the pollen to other plants.

Rwanda grows many types. The most common include royal jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) and poet’s jasmine (jasminum officinale). Other parts of the world like India grow Jasminum sambacait and Jasminum nuidflorum or winter jasmine (Europe).

We source Rwanda jasmine from Kayonza district in the eastern region and the central highlands of the country. Our family growers maintain the plants in small patches of land between 1 and 2 acres. They keep the plants healthy by reducing the application of farmyard sprays and emphasizing on manure use.

We harvest Rwanda jasmine during the early morning to keep off the heat effects. By now many of the ready flowers will be unopened as they bloom only at dark. Thus, even if our harvest by any chance goes to the midmorning, the delicate pistil and corolla will be under the bud’s protection. The buds usually open when the stems are dipped in water.

We cut the stems of Rwanda jasmine at the base and retain around 20 cm intact. We keep the stems in purified water after trimming any of the leaves beneath the water surface.

We sort and grade the flowers based on their size, hue and their mature condition. We remove discolored, wilted or dwarfed stems. For the final resize, we trim unwanted foliage and recut the tight-set stalks for better water drawing.

We pack Rwanda jasmine in horizontal, low-rise fiberboard cartons. We use aluminum foils to line the interiors of the boxes to enhance the flowers’ vase life.  Our thermocool boxes come in handy during the summer travel season as they pack well with top ice. We finalize the packing process by labeling the cartons by the name, net size, packing date and the country of origin of the flower cargo.

We store Rwanda jasmine in the temperature range of 0 to 1 degree Celsius. We ensure that the product has about 90% freshness index, which is a higher index than the 20% industry expectation. We do this by keeping the blooms under cool conditions in the warehouse.

Our Rwanda jasmine blooms travel with half of their blooms open which is also higher than the industry expectation of at least 10.5%. Additionally, our hydro-cooling conditions both in the cold room and on board the vehicle help retain the color and aroma at 88 to 90% freshness levels. We maintain optimal temperatures throughout the delivery phase to the airport via our hydro-cooled vans.

In short, if you are after one of the most aromatic flowers, do not hesitate to contact us today for Rwanda jasmine. We source the fresh blooms from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified conditions in the country. You can expect the cargo to reach you in your requested tonnage as we take pains to realize surplus each season from our farmers. Besides, our prices are without doubt some of the lowest in the regional market. Make an order today!

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