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We provide high-quality Rwanda chrysanthemum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda chrysanthemums from family growers in the country.

Rwanda chrysanthemum (Dendrathema x grandiflorum) is among the most useful and yet common flowers in any floral display across the world. It is a mostly reddish, purplish or pinkish flower. The broad genus of the flowering species also consists of useful pyrethrum, a type that bears white flowers and produces an organic insecticide. The Virunga Mountains to the north are the primary sources of the flower in Rwanda.

The history of growing chrysanthemums goes back to China around 3500 years ago. Since then, there have been about 500 species of the flower in cultivation or thriving in the wild.  In cultural terms, the emblematic purple color of the flower attracted an ancient Japanese emperor who made the mum his seal. During those times people called it ‘the golden flower.’

We offer various commercial varieties of Rwanda chrysanthemums. One of these is Dance with its purple-pink hue. We also have King’s Pleasure with its golden yellow hue. The other is Wedding Green with its brilliant yellow.  White-out, as the name suggests is a cultivar with a glossy white color.

We source our Rwanda chrysanthemums from the Virunga mountain area and other parts of northern Rwanda. Here, the most common type is white-flower-bearing pyrethrum species that also doubles as a natural pesticide. We also obtain the common red or pink types of mums from the 2-acre-sized grounds of our family growers.

We harvest Rwanda chrysanthemums in the early morning hours just before sunrise. We go for flowers that have a bud width of 3 inches and are in half-bloom. Alternatively, we pick fully open flowers that have extended to 4 inches across. We use phytosanitary means to cut the flowers. We decontaminate the scissors before using them diagonally across the stem.

We preserve the harvested Rwanda chrysanthemum in purified water. We, first of all, nip any leaves beneath the water surface to prevent rot before we immerse the stems. We may choose to re cut the stems if they are too tight to allow a wider hole for sucking in water to the foliage.

We grade the chrysanthemums based on the stem length, size of the bud and the color. The most sizable, long stalks with a healthy purple flower head make it to the finest grade. All blossoms in this grade are either half open or in full bloom. In short, at least 2/3rd of the flowers are in full bloom whereas the rest are half-open.

We pack Rwanda chrysanthemum in telescopic flat cartons. These fiberboard boxes can contain both spray and large flower stems in single or bunched formats. Our spray mums come in bunches of 5 stems wrapped in polythene sleeves. We pack them immaculately in the cartons to form rows, each of which is separated from the other with a soft wax material.  Our packages consist of between 10 or 12 bunches, consisting of either long or short stems. We maintain a single-layer formation in each to minimize crushing. The weight per box is around 300 milligrams.

Our storage process for Rwanda chrysanthemum starts by dipping the flowers in water solution to keep it fresh. We maintain a temperature of between 0 and 1 degree Celsius. This gives the short stems of 3 inches at least 14 days while the 4-inch ones last for three weeks.

We convey Rwanda mums to the airport in Kigali expeditiously via our special vans fitted with controlled environment interiors. Give or take, the package will make it to your destination in the next 24 to 48 hours after dispatch.

Thus, if you are after mums in their full splendor, then you might as well start with our Rwanda chrysanthemums. We source them from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified conditions.  We handle them right from harvest-time to packing by phytosanitary means to reduce contamination.  We also keep surplus from our many suppliers to bridge your quantity requirements. On top of that, we offer entirely fair prices that do not break the bank. Make an order today!

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