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Rwanda Buplereum

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We provide high-quality Rwanda buplereum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda buplereum from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda buplereum rotundifolium var. G is known for its enclosing petals that protect greenish-yellow flowers. This enshrouding appearance has given it the common term of ‘Hare’s ear.’ It comes from a shrub that can grow to an average of 2 feet tall. It spreads to 1 foot wide at the top of the flowered branches at maturity. It needs support or props to develop straight stems when grown as a cut flower.

The origin of buplereum may have been many parts of the northern hemisphere. The largest sources currently include Japan, China and other Asian nations. The name buplereum in Chinese translates to the ‘kindling of the Barbarians,’ a term that has uncertain meaning. There are also certain species that come from South Africa.

The uses of the plant in medicine apply to not just the flowers but the roots. The sap from the dried root has featured in the making of traditional potions to fight inflammation. The flower is, however, the most common in use for vase displays in modern times.

The most common use of buplereum is to accompany mixed flowers in a display vase. This is because its taut, thin stems that hold a wig of lime green blossom on top make for neutral effect in a mixed flower display. It is common to find large blooms from 3-meter high varieties that add complementary angles to a bouquet.

We source Rwanda buplereum from Eastern Province and other flower-growing parts of the country. Our family growers maintain at least two acres of land which they conserve with farmyard manure. They also forgo chemical sprays in favor of other pest-eradication practices.

We harvest Rwanda buplereum when the flower has attained 60 to 90 days from the date of planting. We use sharp sanitized snippers to snap off the wiry stem at the base. The flowers consist of at least two blooms per stem. We transfer these into a water solution for moisture conservation.

We sort the bupleoreum cut stems by size and healthy appearance. The largest blooms from the tall varieties go into a separate grade from the shorter ones. We also ensure that all the pieces have at least one flower open per stem.

We pack Rwanda buplereum in either single or bunched method. We keep the stems in single-layer arrangement to prevent crushing. We, first of all, enclose them in plastic sleeves that help to maintain hydration levels in the stems. We then insert the bunches in cartons and separate them with soft wax paper for friction-free packages. We label each of the corrugated cartons with the details of the name/cultivar, country of origin, the size/number of stems and the packing date.

We store Rwanda buplereum at low temperatures of between -3 and 3 degrees Celsius. With proper treatment including with ethylene, the flower has a vase life of between 7 and ten days. To extend this duration, we keep them in a cool, dry environment.

In short, if you are hankering after the perfect Rwanda buplereum, you now have a reliable source. All our supplies come from family growers who cultivate the blooms under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We extend this quality premise by using sanitized tools that do away with contaminants throughout the shipping period.  In terms of quantity, we provide your requested tonnage through surplus production by our reliable farming partners. We also maintain a very low price that adheres to your budget. Make an order today!

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