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We provide high quality Rwanda carnations to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda carnations from family growers in the country.

Rwanda carnation (Dianthus) is a large flower native to Australia with a well-sculpted head.  Its natural bouquet-like cluster of purple, white or red flowers earns it the Greek term, ‘flower of the gods.’ In appearance, the flower is made up of large inflorescence that settles on tight, upright stalks. The blooms have a span of 6 centimeters wide. They can form whirled patterns and at other times forked designs. The leaves and petals are segmented to show off the beautiful florets underneath. They look either pale blue or purplish.

The origin of the carnation is the Mediterranean region from around 1 A.D. However, besides the above date of domestication, records from Greek poems about the flower go back to 1000 B.C. The primary use of this flower of the gods at the time was to make garlands for the royals. The use has not faded in modern times as the blooms still feature in vases either singly or in multiple-flower displays.

The flowers come in at least three types within Rwanda. These include large carnations which consist of a single bloom per stem. There are also sprays or mini carnations made of clusters of tiny florets per stem. The third types are the dwarf carnations which come as a few tiny blooms per stem.

We source Rwanda carnations from all parts of the country especially Eastern Province. Our family sources grow them on small-scale. This enables them to manage the flowers by organic means. Indeed, the farmers use compost manure instead of commercial fertilizers and abstain from chemical spray application.

We harvest Rwanda carnations when the buds are half-open. If a third of the flowers are in half bloom such that they can show off some of the reddish calyces inside, then we consider them mature enough to cut down. We begin to pick the stems at dawn so that by sunrise the cut stems will already be immersed in water for re-hydration.

The harvesting process of carnations involves snapping the stems at the base with sharp knives or scissors. The experienced workers lay the flowers on top of wire mesh. From here it becomes easy to collect them before the sun heats up.  The consignment then goes to the sorting and grading chamber.

We grade Rwanda carnations by their scent, length and bud diameter. The most distinctively aromatic flowers make it into the first grade. We also keep the longest and most sizable flower buds in the first grade. At least a third or a quarter of the floral members in every bunch of 30 stems should be half-open among the selections.

We pack Rwanda carnations in bunches of 30 stems. We first enclose them in polythene sleeves and then insert them into fiberboard cartons. We pack them in a single layer that offers enough room and avoid crushing. We then arrange the sleeved bouquets in rows inside the low-height cartons. Between the bouquets, we insert soft wax paper to give headroom for the flower heads. Our final packing act is the insertion of the labels of name/cultivar, color, size and the country of origin.

We store Rwanda carnations in the temperature range of between 0 and 1 degree Celsius. We keep them dipped in purified water for the temporary storage duration for re-hydration purposes. We may even choose to re cut the stems at an angle of 40 degrees to allow proper sucking of moisture. We maintain the full-open blooms under the 0-degree temperature margin while the half-open flowers keep at 1 degree Celsius. The difference between the two is worth noting in that while the fully-open ones will have a vase life of a month, the half-open ones will stay a month and a week fresh.

We maintain the same near freezing conditions when transporting Rwanda carnations to the airport in Kigali via our hydro-cooled special trucks. You can expect the cargo to make it to your city within a day or two after dispatch.

Whether you need spray, dwarf or large blossoms, we provide Rwanda carnations at their most color-flushed phase of growth. We source the flowers from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified sources, itself a quality guarantee. Our supplies are also in the right quantity as we get the blooms in surplus during the high season. We also keep the prices low to reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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