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We provide high-quality Rwanda hypericum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda hypericum from family growers in the country.

Rwanda hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) or St John’s wort is an attractive flower that is available in many colors ranging from yellow to red, pink to white. There are also varieties that bloom in green and brown. Its main uses include floral arrangement in display windows, weddings and gala occasions. The extract of the plant’s berries offers a healing potion for mental illness and thus the partial use of the name ‘St. John’s wort.’ The other reason for the name is the medieval belief that the flower only attained its red shade after the Baptist’s beheading.

The physical characteristics of Hypericum include vibrant flowers that have a diameter of 6 cm. The leaves of some varieties are so vibrant that they diminish the size of the florets. The petals serve as the outer cover of both the fruits and the flowers.

The origin of the flower is the Mediterranean region. From here the plant became a source of lore during the Middle-ages due to its hypericin extract that healed mental conditions. Besides, Christian beliefs at the time associated the flower with religious motifs.

Rwanda hypericum grows in Eastern and other provinces in the country where we source it. Our farmers cultivate it in patches of land of less than 2 acres. They maintain the crop with farmyard manure and reduce reliance on chemical sprays.

Our farmers in Rwanda cultivate at least two varieties of hypericum. The first one is H. coco while the other one is H. smart. The first type features blooms in either scarlet, lime or whitish-yellow colors, with the flowers set on top of the stem in a crown fashion. The other cultivar comes with bushy leaves and petals that enclose little purple-pink or white blooms. They all have strong stems that make for vibrant multiple-flower displays.

We harvest Rwanda hypericum when the flowers have gained their common yellow or white colors. We also make sure that most are half-open to ensure that they will be ready to harvest on time. Our team undertakes the harvest by cutting the stems together with their berries and blooms and some partial leaves. The other straightforward option is cutting only the flowers and leaving out the accessory foliage, including the berries.

We dip the cut stems in water for perpetual post-harvest refreshment. We then grade the tallest pikes of around 70 cm in the first grade. Other characteristics we go for include the maturity and fresh color of the flowers. We do away with any stem that is either discolored or has experienced rot.

We pack Rwanda hypericum in flat, horizontal cartons. The basic measure is half a dozen bunches of the stems per carton. The standard bunch quantity is ten pieces though this can go to double that number for large shipments. The average length of each flower is 50 cm while the exceptional sizes range from 60 to 70 cm. We lay soft wax in cartons to separate each bunch from its neighbor for a friction-free transit.  The plastic-sleeve-enclosed stems then feature in secure cartons that have vents on their top sides for aeration. We finalize the packing bit with clear labels of the flower’s name, source and the number of stems in each package.

We store Rwanda hypericum at the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and below. In this condition, the flowers can keep fresh for the next 14 days. We maintain this steady temperature during the transportation phase on board our special refrigerated trucks. The dispatch from Kigali International Airport makes it to your destination in the next one to two days.

Our Rwanda hypericum is thus more than just a simple delivery: it is a properly planned consignment of fresh quality blooms that have undergone phytosanitary handling. We give quality guarantee by sourcing the beautiful stems from certified family growers who produce them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) terms. We also adhere to your quantity expectation as we have a network of farmers who have more or less surplus during the main season. On top of that, we welcome you to an affordable deal as we tailor our rates to yours. Make an order today!

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