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We provide high quality Ethiopia yams to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia yams from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia yam (Dioscorea) is one of the most important crops in sub-Saharan Africa for food security. In southwestern Ethiopia, the cultivation of the tuber is for both subsistence use and sale. The starch in the corm is quite high and beneficial for the daily energy needs. The crop has relations with grass especially the leaves that sprout directly from the tuber. The corm can be as little as a medium sized potato to as heavy as 60 kilograms for the heaviest. Africa produces 95 percent of the crop which is also native to Asia.

We source yams from the southwest of Ethiopia which is under the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) area. The locals cultivate it next to coffee and grains like maize. We source from family growers who have less than 1.5 hectares of land. Their cultivation methods are wholly organic and consist of no chemical sprays.

Yam provides at least 16 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber in the body. The vitamin A content for improved sight is 2 percent but still great for a tuber. The root crop also consists of 23 percent of the daily needs of potassium for improved electrolyte composition in blood. Each tuber also comes with some 5 percent of the daily needs of magnesium for strong bones and healthy metabolism.

Our produce agents guide farmers on the harvesting process of Ethiopia yams.The crops are usually ready for harvest around 220 to 300 days from the date of planting. We do this when the wilting process of the leaves has reached the period of 1 to 2 months. We then dig up the tubers from their beds without inflicting damage. We use both hands and hoes that have blunt edges to maintain a bruise-free harvest. We undertake at least two picking periods. The first usually has large corms while the second of several months apart produces small tubers.

We then clean Ethiopia yams by scraping off the earth. Because use of water may lead to rot, we employ other phytosanitary methods. One tool is a blunt knife that removes the hairs on the tuber’s skin to keep it smooth.

We pack Ethiopia yams in small loose packs of at least 11 kilograms. These can go to a larger size of 23 kilos. We employ telescopic fiberboard cartons that come with interior paper wrappings. This keeps the hydration level the same over the journey as during the harvest.
We handle the plastic-lined cartons by hand and forgo the use of forklifts during bulk placement on pallets. This ensures that there will be little incidence of damage.

We store yams from Ethiopia in temperatures of between 12 and 15° Celsius. We understand that if the temperature goes beneath this level it may lead to chilling injury. We also keep only the best graded healthy corms to minimize rotting. We transport the tubers from the farm or warehouse in special trucks that have pre-cooled interiors. You can expect the crop to arrive at your destination in a day or two after dispatch.

If you are looking forward to one of the essential tubers from the continent, do not hesitate to request for Ethiopia yams. We follow a strict post-harvest routine to ensure the crop arrives at your destination in a clean, healthy condition. Our sources from southwest Ethiopia possess Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates, which ensures that we only provide high quality produce with less than 0.01 percent of the minimum residual levels (MRLs). Our quantity reflects your exact tonnage request while our pricing is quite fair for your budget. Make an order today!

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