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We provide high quality Ethiopia Irish potatoes to the local and export market. We source the fresh Ethiopia Irish potatoes from family growers from the country.

Solanum tuberosum or the common potato first thrived in Mexico but got its name in the late 1500s after Spanish conquistadors brought the species into Europe. Nowadays, this species of potato ranks as the number four most produced crop in the globe after maize, rice and wheat. Ethiopia has the most potential for potatoes production in Africa. In fact, Irish potatoes thrive well in the south without any of the mechanized agriculture and modern fertilizers as applicable in Ireland. Most farmers cultivate the tubers in 0.5 hectares. Women mostly farm while men market the produce.

We source Ethiopia Irish potatoes from the Chensa hills of the south of the country. The family growers are known to cultivate the crop at altitudes above 2700 meters above sea level and depend on rain. They also rely only on farmyard post which makes their crops quite organic. They put their harvests into sacks that they transport to Addis Ababa and neighboring towns for sale, but much goes into home use.

Consumption of Irish potatoes provides about 32 percent of the daily value of vitamin C for boosting the immunity. There is also 15 percent of vitamin B-6 for enhancing metabolism in the cells. The volume of potassium for improving the electrolytes in blood is 12 percent of the daily value. The potato is also a good source of high starch and dietary fiber.

We harvest Ethiopia Irish potatoes when the foliage has browned above the ground. We usually guide our farmers to wait for at least half a month after this browning. This ensures that the underground tubers will have thickened enough to reduce injury during the uprooting process. We use special hoes to uproot the tubers while taking care not to bruise the tender skin.

The next post-harvest process of Ethiopia Irish potatoes is that of delivery to the packing shed. We do this by putting the tubers into bulk bins. We then transfer them to the packing shed for drying before putting them into shipping sacks. We then cure the produce immediately at temperatures of between 7 and 16° Celsius. This removes much of the excess water so that they can extend their shelf life.

We pack the fresh Ethiopia Irish potatoes after sorting the bad and retaining the healthy, sizable ones. We use perforated plastic bags that keep the produce moisturized throughout transportation. We also use cardboard crates that are ventilated. The latter offer better protection because of the hard material. We offer various sizes ranging from 50 kilogram bags and above.

We store Ethiopia Irish potatoes at temperatures of between 3 and 4° Celsius. This ensures that they do not lose their moisture. In case the shipment is delayed for one reason or another, we maintain a 10° Celsius temperature mean which we reduce by 2 degrees each week. However, you are assured that the shipment will be made on the same day or 1 to 2 days of harvesting. We also transport the Irish potatoes in special refrigerated trucks from the farm for final shipping.

Thus, you can avail Ethiopia Irish potatoes from the country with the highest production potential in Africa of this tuber at any time. We stock the healthiest tubers from farmers who have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. You can request for any tonnage of the crop as we source from many family growers with enough production capacity. As for price, we offer the most fair cost parameters in the region. Talk to us today even as you make an order!

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