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We provide high quality Ethiopia sweet potatoes to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia sweet potatoes from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a tuber that comes from the morning glory family of crops. Despite the common appearance, the tuber is only a distant cousin of the potato as it does not come from the same family. It has huge sweet edible roots that are a basic source of starch. Studies have shown that it might be one of the most nutritious root crops even above the common potato. Its original home may have been Peru in South America 8000 years ago.

We source our Ethiopia sweet potatoes from the Sidama area of the Southern Peoples Nations and Nationalities region. Other nearby regions include Hararghe, Wolaita and Bako. Our family growers cultivate the crop alongside common potatoes and yams. Each family grower has a plot of land equal to 1.5 hectares or less. They only apply farmyard manure while their chemical use is minimal.

Ethiopia sweet potato has some of the highest levels of vitamin A at 438 percent of the daily needs. It consists of 10 percent vitamin B-6 levels for nutrient metabolism. It has a dietary fiber content of 12 percent of the daily value. Its total calories count is 86 per every a hundred grams of a serving, which indicates high energy levels. It has a substantial reserve of riboflavin while its orange color makes it a great source of carotenoid content for improving eyesight.

We pack Ethiopia sweet potatoes after a careful post-harvest process. The first step is cleaning them inside a bin dump. These are containers that contain free flowing sterilized water. After the thorough washing, the now bright orange or dark red tubers go through to the dryer that takes off any excess water from them.

We then grade the fresh Ethiopia sweet potatoes one by one. This is to ensure that any malformed corm or a tuber with still clinging roots is either removed or first sorted before packing. The best sizes include the largest and indicate the best corms. We also go for the fresh color of the corm to determine its grade.

We pack Ethiopia sweet potatoes in custom crates and gunny bags. Our cartons come in 50 pound or 25 pound sizes that are of the appropriate dimensions for handling by hand. We also have selections that we pack in small quantities of 4.5 kilos in plastic or polyethyelene bags. We also place B-size sweet potatoes in 1 kilo bags. Each of our cartons and gunny bags consists of film linings inside to prevent dehydration.

We store Ethiopia sweet potatoes at temperatures of above 14° Celsius. We also transport the produce under the same conditions to the airport using controlled environment vehicles.

Thus, if you would like to avail a fresh supply of Ethiopia sweet potatoes, do not hesitate to get in touch today. We source our tubers from family growers from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified cooperatives of the country. Our handling adheres to phytosanitary measures right from the post-harvest to export timings. Our quantity is in terms of your specific tonnage, while our low prices reflect your budgetary needs. Make an order today!

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