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We provide high quality Ethiopia cassava to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia cassava from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a hardy shrub that is exotic to Africa but native to South America. It produces corms that are harvested annually. Its main use in Africa is for dietary needs due to its high starch content of 12 percent of the daily value. Its main form of export is as dried chips which constitute 97 percent of all exports.

Despite being a tuber, cassava has 34 percent of the daily value of vitamin C for boosting immunity. It is a rich source of starch with a carbohydrate level of 12 percent of the daily value. It also prevents heart disease with its low fat content of just 0.3 grams.

In Ethiopia, cassava grows in Jimma, Gamo-Gofa and other parts of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Republics. We source from family growers with between 0.5 and 1.5 hectares of land. We only go for crops that thrive under organic growth conditions of farmyard manure and little use of sprays.

We harvest Ethiopia cassava at different times of the year. Our farmers usually get ready for the harvest in just half a year after planting. This can also extend to 1 and 1/2 years, depending on variety or farmer’s preference.

We dig out the corms of Ethiopia cassava by hand uprooting. This is after the plant has completely dropped or lost its leaves. We use sharp knives to cut the upper stem of the plant at least 30 centimeters off the ground. The user then lifts the tuber out. Our trained farmhands use phytosanitary gloves to handle the tubers soon after hand-uprooting them. The picking process is among the most demanding of any tuber because mechanized tools can damage the corms. The roots, on the other hand, form a firm meshwork that makes lifting tricky.

The next process of post-harvesting Ethiopia cassava is to prepare them for export. Cassava are exported in dry chipped form. We use sharp knives to size the corms into export-ready chips. We then dry the corms in sufficient sun or use air drying to fasten the process. Most of our finger chops are no more than the standard thickness of 5 millimeters.

We then peel the chips in readiness for cleaning. The cleaning process takes place by scraping the outer skin to remove dirt. We then arrange the corms by size in readiness for packing.

We export cassava in both fresh and dried form. The dried form is usually light colored, pure and has a special smell that is different from both fresh and milled ones. It also has a dry matter of 87 percent. This means it has water levels of 13 percent. It also comes with a starch content of above 72 percent as it undergoes no processing. The best grade is one with a moisture level of leas than 14 percent, is firm, sizable and of an attractive light color.

We pack Ethiopia fresh cassava undried in polyerythelene bags. These consist of enough vacuum that prevents the deterioration of the roots which is a common reason why the tubers are dried as soon after the harvest. We pack both fresh roots and dry chips in plastic crates that offer maximum prevention against damage. During shipping, our package stays in a sealed container that is firm from shaking to keep bruising low.

We store the cassava in temperatures of around 4° Celsius for a short period of time before transportation. We use pre-cooled vehicles to deliver the crop from the farm to the airport in Addis Ababa. You can receive the shipment a few days after shipment depending on the shipping destination by sea.

Thus, you can obtain a shipment of one of the important tubers in Africa by making an order today. We source raw fresh Ethiopia cassava from the heart of Ethiopia where farmers have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We handle the crop under phytosanitary conditions. Our tonnage matches your exact quantity needs. As for prices, our remunerations are among the lowest in the regional market. For more information and to make an order, contact us today!

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