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We provide high quality Ethiopia dinich to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia dinich from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia dinich (Coleus edulis) is a tuber that comes from the Oromo area of Wolaita Zone . It thrives well in many parts of the south and the southwest of the country. It is a major source of energy from its tuber. It main use locally is for the preparation of boiled, fried or steamed dishes that are similar to that of other roots. Indeed, its appearance is that of a tiny potato. Just like the Irish potato, it is rich in starch and often serves as wholesome food during times of scarcity. It is also cultivated as a supplementary cash crop.

We source our Ethiopia Dinich from the East Wollega as well as Ilu Ababora zones. It grows in high altitudes of 1597 to 2453 meters altitude. Our family growers usually keep patches of potatoes next to dinich in plots of between 0.5 to 1.5 hectares. They depend on mainly rain for cultivation. We source from farmers who use only organic manure for fertilization of their crops and use no chemical sprays.

We harvest Ethiopia dinich around 4 to 5 months after transplanting. This is usually around October or November as the planting season takes place around May. We go for the dark green cultivars which according to local tradition provide tastier and long shelf life tubers. We usually use hands and lifting forks to dig up the tubers. We keep each supply in baskets ready for carting away to the packing shed.

We clean the Oromo dinich by removing clinging soil. We also wipe them carefully to brush away any sand or particles before curing can take place. Curing involves drying at low temperatures of between 7 and 16° Celsius. Otherwise, we leave the tubers for a short duration in the sun for natural drying.

We then grade Ethiopia dinich according to size, health and other indicators. We sort the smallest from the largest and include them in separate buckets. We then select the best grade for final shipment.

Our packing bags for Ethiopia dinich are usually 50 kilos and above. There are also plastic bags that have perforations to keep the fresh tubers moisturized in the entire transportation duration. In other cases, we also have cardboard crates that have ventilation. Their solid make up keeps the produce in a solid friction-free condition.

Our storage of dinich is the same as that of Irish potatoes. We keep them at a temperature range of 3 to 4° Celsius. We transport the beans under the same conditions to the airport via modified environment trucks. You can expect the shipment in your destination around 1 to 2 days after dispatch from our coldroom.

Therefore, you can now access Ethiopia dinich from the native source of the tubers, Ethiopia, courtesy of our family suppliers. We obtain them from farmers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our tubers contain no chemical sprays as our sources use only organic and traditional cultivation methods. You can request any tonnage that fits your needs. We also tailor the price to your exact budget. Thus, if you need flexibility, make an order today!

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