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We provide high quality Ethiopia enset bananas to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia enset or false bananas from family growers from Ethiopia.

Looking like a gigantic banana tree with plantains and herbaceous stem and the like, Ethiopia enset (E. vertricosum) or ensete or false banana, is a plant like no other. Not only does it withstand harsh weather and still attain a size that is bigger than a banana plant, but produces no visible banana other than a huge hanging fruit. Its main use is its stem or pith. Locals usually cut the pseudo-stem and harvest the starch-rich pith. They then pulp it and ferment it in large bundled thick stuff. Fermentation takes place in a buried warm place. After a few months of this preservation the starchy substance will have formed a huge bread-like substance that serves as ready food. Locals call it kocho, which they eat with milk or cheese, meat and cabbage. They can also drink it down with tea or coffee just like bread.

The first recognition of the Ethiopia false banana was in 1947 when a botanist separated its endosperm and grew a new species. Though, the original species still remains the most popular in southern Ethiopia. Obviously from its drought resistant abilities it ranks as a major source of nutrition during food scarcity times.

We source Ethiopia enset form the southern regions of the country. The plant grows under any condition, including extremely dry environments as the stems keep water reserves for a long time and still keep herbaceous and green. We obtain our crop from family growers who grow it under organic conditions. They apply compost manure instead of commercial fertilizer. The plant provides shade to coffee and other plants in farms.

We harvest Ethiopia enset after it has attained a maturity age of over two years. We cut the stem at the base, then remove the leaves. The latter also serve as vegetables in the local households. We then cut out the endo-stem to remove the pith. This makes it possible for family growers to bury the pithless stem which will sprout again into a new plant in a few months.

There is no standard guidelines for packing Ethiopia enset. However, we bundle the pith in unprocessed form in produce boxes such as those of the banana. We first of all leave the stem to dry in the sun for at least a day. We then wrap it in propylene or plastic wrapping material that we store upright in our warehouse. We then pack the cut pieces in ventilated cartons of various dimensions for export.

We store Ethiopia false banana at temperatures above 0° Celsius. Normally the stems can stay for years unspoiled under cool, dry conditions. With modified atmosphere transportation, the pith arrives at your destination in even fresh condition for further processing.

Therefore, if you would like to sample Ethiopia enset, do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we source it fresh from family growers. Each of our farmers has a Good Agricultural Practices certificate, which means our produce is high quality. You can start by specifying your quantity and we will rightfully supply in time. You can expect the delivery to reach your destination in as few as two days by air. Our prices are quite competitive and we suit them to your budget. Make your order today!

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