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We provide high quality Ethiopia beetroot to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia beetroot from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia beetroot (a part of Beta vulgaris species), also common as table beet, is the nutritious taproot of the beet plant. When not serving as food, the underground vegetables and their leaves also go into processing for production of food colors. Their medicinal qualities have made the plants feature in traditional treatment of fever and constipation, among other typical ailments.

Each serving of beetroot comes with 11 percent of the daily value of dietary fiber for improved digestion. There is also vitamin B-6 content that is 5 percent of the daily needs. Potassium, for the transportation of blood electrolytes is available at margins of 9% of the daily requirements. The root has no fat, which makes it a candidate for heart health. The overall healthy benefits from this nutritional tuber include a boost in blood levels, regulation of blood pressure, control of constipation, and treatment of skin disorders.

We source Ethiopia beetroots from the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. The family growers here cultivate the crop by irrigation from manmade water reservoirs using the canal system. We source from organic growers with between 0.5 and 1.5 hectares. These farmers practice traditional cultivation with decomposed manure as the main fertilizer.

We prepare Ethiopia beetroot for the market by cleaning them by the use of a dry brush. We may also use some partial water followed by drying. We then sort the healthy tubers from the malformed roots before packing the best grade.

We pack Ethiopia beetroot in consumer bags, boxes or trays. These then go into full containers for shipping in bulk. Our boxes are custom sizes of between 25 and 50 pounds. This ensures that they can fit perfectly onto the transportation pallets en-route to the international destination.

In case of specific request, we also pack beets in form of leaves that have undergone bunching in fives or eights. This means a maximum of eight leaves per bunch with 12 to 24 of the bunches in each box. The fresh leaves also feature top icing to prevent dehydration on the way to the destination.

We store Ethiopia beetroot and beet leaves at temperatures of between 0 and 10° Celsius. The storage happens in cold rooms immediately after they arrive from the packing shed and washing area. We then transport the roots to the airport using special purpose trucks with hydro-cooled interiors.

If you would like to avail these underground vegetables with an attractive reddish purple color, you can choose us as your supplier. We source the fruits from family growers with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our phytosanitary handling ensures that the crop arrives in your destination free of any blemishes and in a fresh condition. As of quantity, the say is yours as we are ready to supply your total requested tonnage. We also extend the best pricing that reflects the seasonal market conditions. Make an order today!

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