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We provide high- quality Uganda soybeans to the local and export market. We source our Uganda soybeans from family growers in the country.

Uganda soybean (Glycine max.) comes from the phrase soja bean. It ranks as the most essential of all pulses on the planet by economic value. This is because it supports a high number of people across the world courtesy of its body building nutrients besides the production of canned food. In appearance, the plant thrives on an elegantly tall vine that reaches the height of an extremely tall man at 6.5 feet. It has colored beans that can range from brown to yellow and black to multiple colors at once. As a pulse-cum-legume, the seed consists of an oil level of 17%. The protein proportion is the highest value in the mealy bean of 50% of the whole seed or 72 percent of the daily value.

Soybean had an origin in the eastern parts of Asia, particularly China where it underwent domestication 5000 years ago.  It came to the New World in the early 1800s in the United States. The biggest producing nations are now China, the US, Argentina, and Brazil. Uganda grows at least half a dozen varieties that have undergone development by the Makerere University. These include Namsoy 4M and Maksoy 1N to 5N.

The crop is rich in mainly polyunsaturated fat that is 11 grams of every 100 grams. Its level of potassium is also high at 51 percent of the daily needs for the maintenance of the electrolyte part of bodily fluids. It has a dietary fiber level of 36 percent for maintaining digestion. Its level of vitamin B-6 is  20 percent of the daily needs while that of iron is 87 percent. It has a vitamin C capacity of 10 percent of the daily needs which helps to boost immunity.  Its level of calcium for the maintenance of teeth enamel stands at 27 percent of the daily requirements.  It has a high level of magnesium at 70 percent of the daily needs for the maintenance of a strong bone structure.

We source Uganda soybean from various parts of the country. Our primary source is, however, the eastern as well as the northern districts. They have the perfectly dry and tropical climate for the growing of the pulse. We only make contact with family growers with at most two acres of the crop under cultivation.

We harvest soybeans when they have attained their 85th day, counting from the date of planting. We ensure that they are sizable enough at about  3 or 4 inches long. The feel of the pods at this time ought to be firm and bloated. Another indicator of maturity that we go for is the change in the leaves’ color from deep green to a yellow-tinged green.  Our trained farmhands pick each pod at a time before its placement in a shady place.

Before packing them, we clean the pods off any sign of soil or dirt. We then sort only the perfectly formed seeds before we can then transfer them to the cold room.

We pack raw Uganda soybeans in produce boxes with a capacity for 12 kilograms. For larger shipments, we also have the flexible 14-kilo cartons. We conserve the produce by wrapping it in film lining in every box. We also include food labels indicative of the source, the net weight and the destination of the cargo.

We store Uganda soybeans at temperatures of between 0° and 1° Celsius. We keep this temperature intact during the transportation of the produce in our special produce trucks. You can expect the cargo to reach your destination in a day or two after dispatching from the airport in Entebbe.

Thus, if you are looking for the world’s number one protein-rich legume, keep contact with us today. We source our crops from the heart of Uganda where the family growers acquire Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates before they start their farming. Regarding quantity, we offer a guarantee of endless supplies from different parts of the country. We are also your one-stop shop for the most competitive pricing. Make an order today!

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