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We provide high-quality Uganda cowpeas to the local and export market. We source our Uganda cowpeas from family growers in the country.

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Uganda cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) is one of the most resilient of all legumes that can grow in a range of weather conditions including arid ones. Worldwide, the crop spans around 7 million hectares worth of cultivation area for both consumption and animal fodder. Likewise in Uganda, it thrives in the relatively dry regions to the east and north. It supplements common beans which are less adapted to the water-deficient climate.

The central edible part is the light-tanned seed (with blackish pebbles on the dicotyledon) although if harvested early the snap pod is also edible.  Just like it enjoys widespread cultivation around the world, so does the cowpea has many names: blackeye pea, lubia and frijole are some of the worldwide names. In Uganda, different communities refer to it differently: the Acholi call it Boo while Bugisu refers to it as Likote, among other names.

The crop is native to Africa with two candidates being East or West Africa. Since 2300 B.C., when the first documented evidence pointed to its early cultivation in south-east Asia,  the crop has spread to Central America and the drier part of the US.  Every serving of cowpea provides the body with 13 percent worth of iron content in the body. The level of magnesium for strong bones is 13 percent while that of protein is 16 percent of the daily value. With no sodium content, the cowpea is, however, a good source of the beneficial mineral nutrient, potassium, at 7 percent of the daily value. The concentration of calcium is 2 percent of the daily value while that of vitamin B-6 is 5 percent for enhanced cell metabolism.   We source Uganda cowpeas from the eastern and northern regions of the country. Here family growers use the crop as the easiest one to grow after the failure of other legumes.

We only make contracts with farmers who use organic means to cultivate the crop including forgoing fertilizers in favor of farmyard manure.  We harvest Uganda cowpeas when they enter their second month from planting for the early maturing varieties and the third month for the late maturing ones. Our produce agents also inform the family growers to have their harvest ready on the 17th day after the onset of flowers. Depending on your request, we can pick them when in mature green color or when completely dry on their stalks. In the latter case, we shell the peas from the hulls.

For the shelling of the dry Uganda cowpeas, we emphasize hygienic handling. All our workers, who are mainly women go to the field and thresh the dry pods by hand. They then put the peas in baskets in readiness for transfer to the packing shed. Before this, we grade them into at least two grades. The first one is made up of freshly shelled undried seeds that will undergo export. The second grade consists of dried seeds that will also undergo export or local resell. Any infected seed or discolored pea does not feature in the produce bag.

We use a custom packing procedure for our Uganda cowpeas. We store them in bags that preserve the moisture level at 12 percent concentration. We then use a sealant on the jute bags to maintain the seeds hydrated on transit.  We store Uganda cowpeas at between 0 and 2° Celsius inside their shipping jute bags. We also keep cool, dry conditions with dim lighting in our warehouses to ensure that they stay fresh. We transport the produce under modified atmosphere vehicles for temperature control and to prevent weevil infestation.   Therefore, if you are after produce that can ably replace beans and still retains proteins and other nutrients, then you have got our Uganda cowpea. With its availability from two regions of the country a guarantee, we will never come short of your desired quantity.

We only provide the seeds from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers’ background, itself a sign of pure produce. Regarding pricing, we keep our rates fair all the time only stopping enough to adjust them to the current market conditions. Make your order today!


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