• Uganda Kidney Beans
  • Uganda Kidney Beans
  • Uganda Kidney Beans
  • Uganda Kidney Beans

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We provide high-quality Uganda kidney beans to the local and export market. We source our Uganda kidney beans from family growers in the country.

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Uganda is home to the red speckled kidney bean that the country’s Export Promotion Board advertises to international buyers. Around 75% of all bean exports from the country go to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, Uganda is one of the largest growers of legumes in the region, with a preference for the kidney-shaped type fueled by its nutty flavor.  The country grows some selections that range from the California Dark Red to Montcalm. There are also the Memosta as well as Charlevoix varieties.

Kidney beans are perhaps the most significant sources of dietary fiber at an overwhelming 100 percent or in other words the total daily value (DV) of the digestive nutrient. They also have 45 percent worth of the DV of iron for sharp brain function. There is also a 20 percent margin of vitamin B-6 for proper metabolism and 35 percent worth of magnesium for strong bones. The level of iron at 45 percent DV more than compensates the little proportion of vitamin C at 7 percent for keeping the body free of chronic diseases. There is 40 percent worth of potassium dv for maintaining the balance of blood electrolytes.  For energy purposes, the total concentration of starch is 20 percent DV.

We source kidney beans from virtually all parts of Uganda, including the cities of Kampala, Gulu, Jinja, and Mbarara. Our family growers in the farming hotspot of Kabale in the west are also vital sources of our beans as they provide a substantial margin of our requirements. We only interact with farmers who have met organic requirements such as the use of farmyard manure, crop rotation and low reliance on farm sprays.

We harvest Uganda kidney beans as dry shelled produce for the seeds rather than the pods. It requires around 95 days to pick the mature produce. However, our farmers also take note that some late maturing varieties can take up to 115 days to reach maturity and thus leave them off. If you need them dry, we also pick the produce when it is still green but has attained an internal swelling. We later dry them before packing.

For the Uganda kidney beans that are green, we sell them while still in the shell. We thresh the dry ones through hand means. Our workers deftly unzip all the beans from their pods which come off easily when the produce is dry.  We then sort the ones that are healthy, have an intense red color and have no sign of pest infestation.

We pack Uganda kidney beans in packages of 7 kilograms inside produce boxes or crates. We also have intermediate weight boxes with a capacity for 11 kilograms of the shelled produce. Our other portions have a capacity for 14 kilos worth of the produce. For the unshelled green types, we pack them in the same 7-, 11- or 14-kilo proportions in baskets, crates and produce boxes. All the containers receive a film lining on top to reduce dehydration.

We store Uganda kidney beans at temperatures of below 2° Celsius. This keeps them in a dry but well-moisturized condition for at least half a year.  We also transport the produce at the same temperatures via our special purpose trucks to the airport in Entebbe ready for shipping.

Indeed, if you are very particular about exactly this particular legume, look no further than the best supplier from Uganda. Our kidney beans contain blemish-free skins and firm texture with and are preserved well enough to hit six months in storage soon after you receive them. We get the supplies from family growers who cultivate them under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We provide the perfect quantity that meets your specific requirements. You are also assured of the best prices that align perfectly with your budget. Start by making an order today!

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