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Uganda rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the staple cereals that grow in the cool parts of the country under water paddies. The cereal comes from the same family as bamboo and grass. This is characteristic of the thin, long blades that are the crop’s leaves. Uganda has about 0.4 million rice farmers, most of them smallholders. The cereal grows mostly in the water-ridden grounds of Lake Kyoga.  The plant is one of the earliest ever to cultivate, as it has the same time line of domestication as maize around 8000 B.C. Unlike maize’s origin in southern Mexico, rice came from China, which is still the world’s chief producer.

The main varieties of Uganda rice include IRAT 112, Supa-v-88 and NARIC-1 to 3. There is also the NERICA variety with variations 1, 4 and 10. The last mentioned cultivar is a hybrid and it is a recent introduction. It has the benefit of yielding more than its local equivalents and being immune to relative drought, unlike the exotic types.

Each serving of rice gives one a protein level of 5 percent of the daily needs. This is beside energy from starch worth 9 percent of the daily margins. The crop has minimal magnesium at 3 percent and vitamin B-6 at 5 percent of the daily value.

We source Uganda rice from three key regions that include the eastern parts. The crop produces 128,000 metric tons yearly. On the other hand, the northern region has an output of 44000 tons. The central region finishes in the third place with a production of 2200 tons. Our key districts include Bugiri and Lira, among others. We source our crop from family growers with no more than two acres of land. They farm their plots under rain-fed or irrigated conditions and abstain from commercial fertilizers in favor of well-rotted compost.

We harvest Uganda rice on its 105th day from the date of planting for the early maturing type. We extend this duration for the late maturing varieties for up to 150 days.  We use hand means to pick the rice. Our tools include sickles, with which we can pry the crop from its ground level. After this, we use knives to cut the chaff off. We then take the chaff or straw to a cool shed where we prepare to thresh the grain from the leaves.

We then clean the rice straws by a careful sorting process. We begin by picking out any plant debris, half-mature chaff and pods with no grain inside, all of which we discard. We then haul the chaff to the threshing area where we remove the grains.  After the process is over, we put the grains in upraised silos where they can attain maximum drying by the sun. Sometimes this happens when the crop is still not threshed. We then stack the crop into bundles that will be easy to transport to the packing shed.

We pack Uganda rice in plastic and woven bags at the minimum thresholds of 50 kilograms. This is after the rice has undergone proper sorting into grades. We maintain the cereal under well-hydrated conditions by the use of film linings in the interior of each package. Our gunny bags come with clear labels of the name and variety, the source and the packing date.

We store Uganda rice at ambient or room temperature when the moisture level is an average of 14 percent. We keep the relative humidity at a fair level of less than 60 percent. These warm conditions ensure that the cereal will stay free of starch deterioration which may happen under less than dry conditions.

We transport the bags of Uganda rice via our dedicated modified interior vehicles to Entebbe for shipment by air. We also have reseller programs that provide the rice within Uganda. We also ship the produce to neighboring nations by long-distance trucks. If shipped by air, you can expect the cargo to touch down in your location a day or two after release.

If you are looking for Uganda rice, you now have a dedicated partner to count on. Because all our produce comes from family paddies with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications, you have the assurance of quality shipment. Besides, we maintain your quantity stipulations by making contact with as many farmers as we can during the interim. You will also get the produce at excellent prices from us. Make an order today!


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