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Uganda finger millet (Eleusine coracana) is the second most widespread cereal in this country where it is also native. Only maize has more appeal among the country’s grains. Millet is also quite hardy as it can thrive even where there is little water. It is a relatively tall plant that has tillers or heads that consist of about nine fingers that hold millet seeds.  It widely grows in the western, eastern and northern areas of the country. The government has also trialed several districts such as Oyam for the mass production of the crop.  It is an alternative source of income for farmers who grow it for flour milling to make porridge and baked products. The origin of finger millet was both the highlands of Uganda and Ethiopia.

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Our farmers grow several varieties of finger millet. These include PZ24, a cultivar that grows tall and produces brownish seeds. There is also Katumani, a dwarf variety whose seeds are red-colored. The Gulu variety, on its part, is drought-resistant and has improved appearance.

We source Uganda sorghum from such districts as Lira as well as Oyam. Our family growers cultivate the crops in their one-acre pieces of land whereby they await their maturity in about three months. On our part, we ensure that our sources use chemical sprays scrupulously and only utilize farmyard manure on their land.

We harvest finger millet from Uganda when the plant has attained about 1.7 meters in height. This is usually between 45 to 90 days for the early maturing varieties. This goes to 180 days from the planting date for the late-maturing varieties. Our well-trained workers use sickles to lift the chaff head of the plant and then use cutters to slash off the stalks. Traditionally, farmers dropped the stalks all over the field for a short span of drying: on our part, we take the seed-bearing stalks immediately to our raised stations for sun-drying.

We then thresh Uganda finger millet by roller pins to separate the seeds from the stalks and the leaves. This is followed by winnowing by blowing the lighter browned specks that remain behind after threshing. We then sort any other foreign material in readiness to pack the produce.

We pack Uganda finger millet in gunny bags as well as woven sacks of at least 50 kilograms. We also provide the cereal in plastic bags with a capacity to keep the produce protected against temperature changes over an extended duration. We touch off by including labels indicative of the net weight, the country of origin and the final destination.

We store Uganda finger millet at room temperature of below 25 degrees Celsius and above 5 degrees Celsius. This is after drying the seeds to a base of 13 percent moisture level. We keep the cereal under cool, dry conditions away from direct light. We transport the shipment to reach you via our modified interior trucks in one to two days from Entebbe International Airport.

Therefore, if you would like to have for yourself one of the hardiest crops from sub-Saharan Africa, you now have Uganda finger millet. We source the cereal from family growers who have at least an acre and no more than two acres of land. We also ensure our farmers acquire Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications to ensure that the produce will be acceptable abroad.  On the question of quantity, we maintain the correct tonnage such that the produce will be in your desired size. We finalize every deal with quite fair prices that suit your budgetary requirements. Make an order today!

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