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We provide high-quality Uganda okra to the local and export market. We source our Uganda okra from family growers in the country.

Uganda okra (ladies’ fingers), which locals also refer to as okra is a relatively new crop in the country, but it has begun to be a formidable export.  It mainly grows in Wakiso, a district in the central parts of the country. By mid-2018, a box of the produce cost around UGSH80,000, which many claims are a premium price perhaps due to high demand. The crop is grown mainly for its green pods that double as seeds.  There is no consensus about where the Asian vegetable came from, but there are three possible sources including West Africa, Ethiopia as well as South Asia. It is a generally tropical crop that also thrives in temperate locales especially the warm ones.

Okra provides the body with a high amount of vitamin C for boosting immunity at 38 percent of the daily value (DV). The iron content is 3 percent while that of calcium is 8 percent DV, magnesium at 14 percent with potassium rounding up the mineral content at 8 percent. The vitamin A content is 14 percent while vitamin B-6 is 10 percent of the daily needs. The dietary fiber content is 12 percent of the daily needs which keeps the body well supplied for proper digestion. Ladies’ fingers are believed to be a regulator of blood pressure, controls diabetes and can bring cholesterol levels down.

We harvest Uganda okra when it is two months old from the planting date. This is when the pod has attained a mean length of between two and three inches in length. Our workers only cut the pods that are yet to harden and leave out those that are woody as these need immediate consumption or they will spoil.

We pick the okra by the careful slicing off the stem just where the cap meets the pod with a sharp knife. It should be a one-time slice or else the pod will be too woody and not fit for export. Our glove-clad workers then put the spiny or spineless pods into a cool basket in readiness for carting away to the packing shed.

We pack Uganda okra in clamshell boxes of at least 0.45 kilograms. We also have bulk measure containers that can carry up to 11 kilograms per filling. The bins constitute no other measure than volume filling, but we take care not to push the produce above the brim. We then insert certified food labels on the bins to define the net weight of the produce, its date of packing and the destination.

We store okra from Uganda at temperatures above 10° Celsius. This keeps the vegetable free of chilling injury which can happen when temperatures go below the ten-degree mark. The PVC packing film is one of the aids that we use to keep the temperature at this range and thus overcome chilling injury. We also maintain the same level of humidity and low temperature under modified temperature vehicle transportation to the airport in Entebbe.

In short, we are your one-stop source of Uganda okra straight from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Right from sorting the most tender pods with no sign of woodiness to the final packing, we maintain hygienic conditions. We also have contracts with many family growers who help us attain your stipulated quantity. We also meet your budget halfway through our affordable pricing. Start by making an order today!

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