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We provide high-quality Uganda lentils to the local and export market. We source our Uganda lentils from family growers in the country.

As a member of pulses, Uganda lentil also has its seeds in the shape of a lens. The plant is diminutive in size as it reaches 0.4 meters in height. The seeds emerge from the pods which harness at least dual seeds in them. Perhaps the best-known diet outside Africa from the lentils is dal, a stew for eating wheat-based food. They are the earliest of all pulse seeds, and one of the first crops for humans to domesticate. Their remnants were discovered in Greece around 11000 B.C. However, their first place to grow may have been Asia Minor or today’s Middle-east.

Growing lentils for home consumption is a leeway into health. The produce offers 18 percent of the daily needs of protein. It also provides 32 percent of the requirements of dietary fiber. They are also vital sources of iron at 18 percent of your daily needs. Another essential mineral is magnesium at 9 percent of the daily value. The capacity of vitamin B-6 remains high at 10 percent of the daily requirements. The sugar content is quite low, and so is that of fat which in itself guarantees a healthy diet.

We source lentils from the southern part of Uganda where estimates put yields to be about 1.2 tons per hectare at the minimum. Though the crop is just now proving popular perhaps due to the need to change from beans, it is still relatively new in the country as it is in the rest of East Africa. We obtain our supplies from family growers who cultivate them in portions of land of 1 acre.  All our farmers rely on organic manure to enrich their soil.

We harvest Uganda lentils when they have reached the 110th day from the date of planting. This is the time when the legume has developed fully bloated pods that have acquired a yellow tinge. Our produce agents supervise the picking process to ensure it is sanitary and safe. The trained farmhands take the stem and twist it to carry off the entire plant off the ground. They then sort the pods from the stalks and keep them in a dry wire mesh where they can dry.

The next stage is that of shelling the lentils from the dry pods. The traditional means of doing this in Uganda includes hitting it in sacks using poles. We go for the safer option which involves threshing the pods in a mass by keeping them between paper towels after which we roll a pin over them for the removal of the seeds. The packing procedure follows this process.

We pack Uganda lentils in produce boxes with a capacity for 4.5 kilograms. This represents a 1/2 bushel measure.  We also use atmospheric transportation cartons with corrugated interiors that keep out the heat. We then place top-ice on the cargo. There are also 0.5, 1 and 2-kilogram packages of these seeds that we offer to buyers in need of flexible sizes.

We store Uganda lentils at temperatures between 5° and 25° Celsius and lean mostly on the lower cooling threshold. We also transport the pulses at the mean temperature of 10° Celsius to ensure that they arrive at the airport in Entebbe while still fresh.  You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in as little as a day or two days in case of transfers.

In short, if you are in need of the best pulses from East Africa, you can count on our reliable supply of Uganda lentils. Our seeds come from crops that grow under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the heart of the southern parts of the Pearl of Africa. You can, therefore, request for a quantity that meets your specific needs any time from now. We also ensure that you only get the best rates by keeping the prices low. Make an order today!

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