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We provide high quality Ethiopia tung nut oil to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopian tung nut oil from tung nut fruit family growers in the country.

Toxic to both man and animal but with a very important furnishing oil, Ethiopia tung nut grows exotically in the highlands. It is from the tree aleurites fordii which produces a fruit that is indelible but it is in common use as a finishing agent on wood. Thus its purpose is most on commercial finishings. The fruit resembles a pear or a small apple. It contains two seeds which are the most poisonous part of the plant yet they have the best oil sources for furniture smoothening.

The origin of tung nuts goes back to the Far east 2400 years ago. The records of Confucius contain reflections on the fantastic abilities of the oil with a mention that it acted as a material for making the tall masts of ships waterproof. Chinese ruling dynasties also used the oil from the fruit to keep the furniture smooth. The extract came to the imagination of Western world, and Ethiopia in the 1900s and has remained so until today.

Some classify the fruit as a drupe but due to the lack of succulent flesh supporting it, the right classification is bacca. The shell that contains the seed is completely wooden. Only the lining next to the inner skin contains the seeds.

A single acreage of the trees in an orchard are capable of providing around 2000 kilos of tung nut oil, in one year. Most local farmers usually have contracts with processing partners for bringing their harvests to the mills at least once a year. The remuneration depends with the given broker. With us, however, we deal with cooperatives which ensures that family growers of tung nuts can get value for their efforts by paying them prices that reflect market conditions.

We provide tung nut oil that has undergone complete processing. We follow international production methods including initial cleaning of the fruits, extraction of the nuts from the fruits and eventual drying. The next step involves the grinding of the seeds into a paste. The paste then goes through a simple wedge press, sometimes traditionally made of timber, that presses the paste into a cake that then oozes the oil.

The advantages of this kind of press is that it is merely mechanical and involves no additives. It is also quite economical, translating into a product that costs less than an industrially produced one. It also leads to organic wood finish that has no sediments.

Packaged Ethiopia tung nuts undergo transportation from the farm to the processing plant in jute bags. After processing, we keep them in clear labeled plastic containers, ranging from 8 ounces to a gallon (3.7 liters) and as much as 55 gallons (208 liters). They are the best quality and can store well in a cool dry place without reducing their quality.

Therefore, if you would like to have the latest tung nut shipment right from the heart of Ethiopia, consider us your first choice. We have a capable team of transforming the toxic fruits into a furnishing product that is more powerful than other linseed oils. Our price is also competitive from the low industrial input of our production methods. Make an order today for further information.

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