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We provide high quality Ethiopia rapeseed to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia rapeseed from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia rapeseed (Brassica napus) came quite recently in the country despite its importance as both a vegetable and an oil processing variety. It reached the country in the 1970s and now boasts four varieties. These include Target and Tower. There is also Pura and another Tower type 3.

The major need for the crop’s cultivation is for the making of its multipurpose oil, which ranks at number three in vegetable oil-producing crops around the globe. It also doubles as a major biofuel. Its biggest sources are the EU, North America, India and the Australian farmlands. It is also the number two crop after soybean that offers the most protein to livestock. The fodder comes as a byproduct after the removal of the seeds for processing.

We source our Ethiopia rapeseed produce from the central parts of the country especially Holeta Fenet, in the Oromia region. The region is perfect for planting the oilseed for it thrives at over 2391m in altitude. The place has the fertile red brown soil type that is rich in natural phosphate from the rocks. The pulse grows next to barley, another crop that locals mainly cultivate for cattle fodder. We also source the oilseed from the neighboring rural agricultural research center of Kulumsa. Lying south east of Addis Ababa, the center is a common source of wheat and other oilseeds or pulses.

We process Ethiopia rapeseed oil. We do it in four key steps. The initial stage is the washing of the seeds, then grinding and pressing them, which are all mainly mechanical methods with no chemical use. We then place the seeds onto a hydraulic oil cold press that crushes the seeds even further for the extraction of the oil from the cells. We then separate the water content from the oil through the hydraulic system.

To produce the best oil however, we also de-hull the seeds. This means separating the fiber and unwanted substances from the seeds first, before processing the oil to boost quality. To do this, we pre-heat the seeds at high temperature for ten to fifteen minutes. The routine effectively dries the seeds without damaging key elements like moisture and oil while doing away with the unwanted fibers.

We then reheat the seeds at relatively high temperature until they roast. The content then through a screen press that squeezes the oil out from the tiny flakes that are the sole remainders of the de-hulled seeds. The oil then goes through a screen for purification in the final distilling equipment. We do not refine Ethiopia rapeseed oil unless you specify. We keep it extra virgin in 100 percent natural content.

We package oilseed oil in clear bottles for wholesale use right at your place. You can avail a clearly labeled bottle of up to 48 ounces. You can use the pure oil to enrich your meals just like you do with olive oil.

In short, if you are in need of Ethiopia rapeseed, you have got a partner. We source the pulses from the heart of central Ethiopia where family growers intercrop it with other pulses in the brassica family including mustard. Not only do our raw produce come fresh from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farms, but it is of various qualities due to the variety. Our prices are very fair and reflect your quantity allocation. If you happen to pass by in Addis Ababa, just get in touch, or even make your order online today!

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