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We provide high quality Ethiopia macadamia to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopian macadamia from family growers in the country.

Macadamia (ternifolia F. Muell.) grows in Ethiopia in the same belt as its world-famous coffee. The trees serve as shading agents for the arabica variety because of their sizable heights of a maximum 12 meters. The name of the tree derives from its namesake, John Macadam, a statesman and scientist from Australia, where the tree grows natively. The first discovery of the species was in the late 1820s by Allan Cunningham. It was not until 1857, however, that the name ‘macadamia’ became the common term for the tree.

We source our macadamia from the cool mountainous areas of ethiopia principally the Harar coffee-growing region of the eastern highlands. With altitudes that bring about 1000 to 2000 millimeters of annual rainfall, these areas require little irrigation for the crop. The temperature is relatively fair, at 25 ° Celsius which is also the average for the fruit growth. The mixture of volcanic soil of the region combines with the well-drained ground to produce a wonderful crop.

Our farming belts in Ethiopia exercise virtually no use of pesticides. This guarantees that we supply wholesome 100% organic nuts with no residual levels. Because of the nearness to the equator of the southwestern Ethiopia highlands, our macadamia have that extra nutritious tropical taste with an added crunchiness. The farmers grow the original tree that requires around 7 years to mature, with a yearly supply of the fruit, thereafter. The country has also began growing the faster grafted variety that achieves fruition in as little as 24 months.

We pack our Ethiopia macadamia in well sealed foil bags. This minimizes the effect of shakiness during transportation, with little incidence of spilling. Our bags usually receive a supply of nitrogen to keep the oxygen away, which is a common cause of the loss of freshness on transit. We also provide nitrogen-free alternatives in form of vacuum bags that are well sealed to keep off air.

We keep the bags inside protective cartons in clear labeling. Our standard sizes for Ethiopia macadamia range from 11.34 kilos or 25 pounds per carton. During the entire post-harvest and packaging process, we keep our macadamia under an environment reflective of their cool field conditions of 8° Celsius. In certain cases, this can go up to 15° Celsius especially in very cold times. Our shipping guidelines are for keeping the packages under a relative humidity of 50 to 60 percent.

We also provide macadamia oil in clearly labeled custom bottles. The oil serves many purposes including cooking, as well as for beauty application. The undiluted oil consists of high mineral composition and 2 percent dietary fiber of the total content. The extract also has Vitamin B1 and B2, and iron mineral for boosting the bone structure. Its fat content is 80 percent monounsaturated, which means it is very good for health with little incidence of bad cholesterol. Our Ethiopia macadamia oil comes in transparent bottles that showcase the brownish grey or amber-colored liquid inside. We derive the oil after crushing the quite hardcore nut of the fruit that resembles a pear.

If you would like to avail raw Ethiopia macadamia, then you have got the right choice of supplier. We provide the best quality fruits that have grown under the organic, well-drained soils of the eastern highlands of Ethiopia. We source the fruits from family growers with a history of low or no use of sprays and who hold Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. Our prices are quite fair, while the delivery duration is quite timely. We deliver within a day or two on the due date of the shipment order depending on your part of the world. You can request for a shipment in terms of tons or any other smaller measure. Make an order today!

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