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We provide high quality Ethiopia kola nuts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia kola nuts from family growers in the country.

Ethiopia kola nuts consist of little pod-like fruits that come in mainly red or bright pink colors. Inside each fruit are about twelve nuts that are edible in raw form or boiled wholesome. The seeds have an inviting smell, with an initially sour taste that changes to sweetness after a little chewing. In processed form, the oil from the nut forms a popular drink especially in Nigeria known as Cola.

Though native to Nigeria and Ghana, the kola nut tree thrives in other exotic places in the tropics, with Ethiopia being an example. In the country, it is available in the lowlands with as low elevations as 300 meters above sea level. It needs fertile soils with sufficient rainfall to conserve the tall trees that can peak at over 30 meters high.

Many farms in the country contain at least 2 trees per compound although in larger farms this can come to an average of 12 to 15 trees. In parts where rainfall is minimal drip irrigation serves as the main means of cultivation. The tree is also possible to find in other areas away from the mainstream farms, as it thrives in the wild though in scarce distribution.

The medicinal use of the Ethiopia cola nuts includes that of treating constipation disorders including piles. Traditional herbalists mix the paste of the nuts in hot water with other medicinal plants for curing the disease. The bark of the tree with spices like ginger also serves as a traditional treatment for ulcers. The nutritional content of the fruits includes 45 percent carbohydrates, 1.4 percent fat and 1.5 percent water. It also contains the extra nutrients known as alkaloids that help to control sugar levels in diabetics.

We employ produce agents to supervise the harvest of the kola nuts. The picking process usually involves use of tall propping sticks with a catching basket for pods containing the nuts from high above the ground. We conserve the fruits per harvest in meshed baskets that first receive a covering with fresh leaves at their bottom. We then put single layers of the pods with a fresh supply of leaves to cover them. A basket can have number of layered fruits, each sectioned from the others with the soft leaves.

We pack our Ethiopia kola nuts after drying them to remove mold and mildew. Though the sun drying method is the best, it may not produce fast results as the machine based method. Subsequently, we keep the nuts under a ventilated storage area away from the sun to maintain their original field aroma.

The packaging of cola nuts is not as involving as that of other nuts. It just requires a custom jute bag that can consist of the weight that the client specifies. You may request of specific weight margins, which can range from as little as several bags to a single ton or more.

Therefore, if you would like to get a taste of fresh or dried Ethiopia kola nuts, just get in touch with us today. We provide only the best selections from the highlands of the country when the supply is optimal. Our prices are quite fair and reflect the reigning market conditions. We also offer a guarantee of only organic fruits from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farming belts in Ethiopia.

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