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We provide high quality Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts from family growers in the country.

Coming in the shape of a mollusk shell or wide triangular shape, Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts are a variation of the same variety native to Brazil that goes by the acronym of ‘paradise nut.’ Its botanical name is Lecithin zabucajo and it serves various purposes ranging from cooking oil production and edible seed. The first evidence of the cultivation was in the Caribbean at around 1764 when a Frenchman residing in French Guiana wrote about the species in his book on tropical fruits.

The main season for the Sapucaia nuts in the tropical world is after its flower onset in September. The fruit is among the biggest of all nuts and it can reach coconut dimensions. The outer husk contains a hard shell and a hollow interior made up of multiple seeds. The seeds serve the purpose of oil production for culinary use.

Ethiopia Sapucaia nut trees can attain a height of 55 meters in height. Their appearance is usually a cross between gray and brown. Their most common features are a set of multiple flowers, with every twig bearing around 30 of these. For this reason, it is one of the most important tropical trees for the conservation of the ecosystem as many insects flock to it for pollination purposes.

The Sapucaia nut is a host of many beneficial mineral nutrients. They contain copper minerals for enhancing iron absorption in blood to boost the oxygen part of blood. The pure iron content is also present, which prevents cardiac diseases. The potassium mineral in the fruit leads to better heart and renal health. The fruit also comes with a high percentage of oil in form of linoleum acid that keeps the fat content in the abdominal tissues low.

We harvest our Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts soon after they have opened while still on the trees. The hard shells usually open from the triangular bases that face the ground. The shells upon maturing usually release the seeds, with each containing at least eight nuts which can often reach to as many as forty. The size of each nut is at least 4 cm in length while their enclosing shell is about 8 millimeters in width. If left untended, the nuts may fall to the ground. Our partner family growers use tall bamboo sticks with catching nets to harvest the falling husks. They then remove the seeds for export or processing.

When bought for processing, our Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts go into the making of sweets and candies. The seeds are also sumptuous and edible and for this reason they feature in cakes as whole inserts. They can also undergo processing or crushing into powder that enriches rice and other tropical cuisine. It is also common to find them in the rough parts of cheese cakes.

We deliver the produce to the warehouse in bulk bags from where we store them under cool temperature before delivery to the destination. To enhance the proper drying and freshness of the nuts, we separate them from their shells in advance awaiting their final packaging.We pack the raw unprocessed Ethiopia Sapucaia nuts in transparent sachet packages of 25 kilograms. The packets reveal the sumptuous content with clear labeling.

We are therefore your best partner for fresh, quality Ethiopia paradise nuts right from the humid, sub-tropical parts of the country. We provide the best prices for the sumptuous nuts, with a delivery within a specified timeframe that can range from one to two days after dispatch, depending on your part of the world. Our quality parameters match international standards as they only come from organic farms from farmers that have certifications of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). For more information, or to make an order, talk to us today!

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