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We provide high-quality Ethiopia betel nuts (acera nuts) to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopian betel nuts from family growers in the country.

Betel nut refers to a fruit from the species of a palm known as Areca catechu. Native to the southeastern parts of Asia, including India, the tree is exotic to various regions of Ethiopia. Botanists describe the fruit as less of a nut but a berry because of its softness while still immature. It becomes a nut when it is dry and yellowish red in color. At this point, it attains a hollow interior containing the precious nut within a hardcore shell which from far looks fleshy yet it is hard. In terms of taste, the fruit is usually spicy and has hints of fresh cinnamon. Longterm chewing can paint the lips of the user a pinkish color.

Interestingly, societies in Asia associate the nut with marriage rituals. It is common to find the parents of the two sides of a marriage union chewing either the cut nuts or the tree’s leaves to showcase their happiness for their young men and women. In other malnourished areas of Asia, some communities use the crushed powder of the nuts to keep hunger away because of its stimulatory factors on the gut.

Ethiopia betel nuts may have come to Ethiopia from India by the way of the Gulf from unknown historical dates. However evidence points to the West Indies as the first place the nuts first grew around 2000 B.C. The tree then became exotic to south Asia and the far-east, with Taiwan and India currently being the world commercial leaders of the crop. Ethiopia has been growing the nut commercially since the 1970s when the worldwide demand for the fruit became pronounced.

We source our Areca nuts from the drier areas of eastern Ethiopia with temperature variants of 14 to 36° Celsius. Because of its affinity to withstand extremely dry conditions, the tree can thrive under low rainfall, although cultivation gives it stamina. It reaches 30 meters high. Its first crop comes in the fifth year though this can extend to as long as seven years. However, it produces continuously for sixty years before drying off.

In commercial terms, the nut goes into drying before packing into sachet and larger bags for sale. Our Ethiopia betel nuts consist of the red cultivar that costs $1.5 per kilogram although the price can vary depending on season. We also provide the white cultivar that costs less than the red type.

The use of betel nuts from Ethiopia is for the same purpose as taking caffeine products. The arecoline substance in the fruit is just like caffeine in that it stimulates the senses into energy, jovialness and a sensation of elation.

We provide dry Ethiopia betel nuts after cutting the outer shell to expose the edible part. You can either avail it in raw form or as a processed powder. We provide the raw nuts in typical small bags that consist of around 20 and a maximum of 40 areca nuts.

For the processed Ethiopia betel nuts, we retain a moisture content of between 75 and 80 percent although in some conditions this can go below by reduced drying. The processed nuts can come in well-cut selections or in whole 100 percent sizes after undergoing drying and washing. You can opt for either our sun-dried selections or oven-dried ones. The ones dried by the sun are usually more natural looking than the oven ones because of less heat concentration.

You can also request sizable amounts of our Ethiopia betel nuts in 60- to 90-kilogram gunny bag sizes. You can select your tonnage which can go to more than a ton in the good season. The processed powder types come in small sachet bags that are well preserved to prolong shelf life.

If you are looking forward to an immediate supply of table Ethiopia betel nuts that are dried and in proper cut, then you have found the right supplier. We source our fruits from only certified family growers who possess Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. The farmers usually intercrop their crops with mangos and other drought-resistant trees to make a livelihood. Our prices are very competitive and reflect the market conditions. Talk to us today or make an order!

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