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We provide high quality Ethiopia groundnuts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia groundnuts from family growers in the Ethiopian Northwest.

Also known as peanuts, Ethiopia groundnuts (Arachis hypogea L.) are very essential for food security in the country. The legume-cum-nut is also the world’s number six major oilseed. It produces around 50 percent worth of oil per seed, with high protein concentration of as high as 28 percent. Estimates put the Ethiopia peanut to have at least 1.4 tons per hectare of each farm, though this can average at 0.8 tons in most family grower areas that have smaller farms. The groundnuts are the only nuts that develop underground, necessitating the digging of the entire plant up when harvesting the pods. It is not clear whether they are real nuts, through they consist of the hard shell of other nuts, or they are legumes.

The world’s first remnants of a civilization that grew groundnuts was 5600 B.C. or over seven thousand years ago in the Peruvian highlands. This was the time when the plant had probably got its first promotion into the domesticated world. The direct ancestor of the current species, A. hypogea species that grows in Ethiopia, is Argentina through the A. monticola breed. This wild type would soon interbreed with other wild varieties to form the current species.

We source our Ethiopia groundnuts from the Metekel zone in the northwest of the country, where the nuts grow under irrigated terms. One major other source is Benishagul-Gumuz region. We also source from the highly agricultural zone of Oromia, a part of Amhara State, particularly in Bati Woreda in the western parts of the country. Our nuts provide a source of income to the family growers who extend their farms’ productivity chain by cultivating them next to other fruits and vegetables. Here, farmers are able to produce at least 800,000 kilograms per hectare, thus illustrating the high potential for exports.

In Ethiopia, groundnuts farming is mainly done for subsistence consumption of the nuts. The locals usually consume them raw but sometimes they roast them. Industries that turn the nuts into sweets, confectionaries as well as curry powder. In terms of nutrition, groundnuts contain 13 percent of the daily value of protein and 9 percent of the daily requirements of dietary fiber. Its energy amount is 2 percent worth of mainly carbohydrates. The total fat content is 49 grams or 75 percent of the daily value.

Our family growers harvest their groundnuts as soon as their green leaves turn from a green into a yellow color. We also inspect the underground pods so that they have at least formed darkened peanuts inside.

We provide two forms of Ethiopia groundnuts. The first one is whole dry peanuts. These can be good for ready consumption from the packets. They can also undergo processing for flour production, which is popular due to its enhanced aroma. You can also boil or roast the peanuts that we ship whole to your destination. The second form we provide is peanut oil that undergoes processing for cooking. It contains very significant unrefined fat that is better than saturated fats. We process ours through such simple means as extra virgin cold pressing and oil that is extracted from roasted nuts.

Our Ethiopia groundnuts’ packing process involves custom bags that are at least 20 cubic feet. Each bag contains void fill, which implies well-sealed interiors to allow low air circulation. To maximize on portability, we pack the groundnuts an interlocked manner such that each small nut does not leave its space to enhance the solidity of the package during transportation. Our plastic or polyethylene packing material is not only lightweight but see-through. We keep the packages under -32° Celsius (0° Fahrenheit). This way, the seeds can stay for extremely long duration without going bad.

Thus, if you are eager to have a taste of some of the best roasted or raw Ethiopia groundnuts from the horn of Africa, we have got you covered. We provide very low cost solutions for bulk shipments. The produce is a testament of commitment by the family growers to provide only naturally grown oilseeds that grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) zones of mainly the Amhara State of the country. Talk to us today, specifying your shipping size and details.

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