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We provide high quality Ethiopia veal to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia veal from family herders from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia veal refers to the tender meat of calves. Taken as a whole, cow meat constitutes the largest meat production capacity in the country with consumption levels well above the 50 percent level of the entire meat sector. There are above 52 million heads of cattle in the country.

Veal has no more than 400 calories, which makes it relatively healthier than cow meat. in Each 100 grams of veal provides as high as 48 percent of protein for body building needs. There also vitamins in form of B6 which accounts for 20 percent of the daily value of the nutrient. The meat also comes with 12 percent fat, most of which is saturated.

We source Ethiopia veal from cattle-rearing areas in mostly the dry parts of the country. These lie to the east. We also source from the dairy region of central Ethiopia were farmers keep cows mostly for milk. Our sources rear their calves and cattle on green grass and do not use modified food. Thus, our meat is wholly organic with no impurities.

We offer different types of Ethiopia veal. These include Bob veal. This consists of the tender meat of a calf that is just a month of age with a weight of 27 kilos. The other type is Formula-fed veal. This is from calves that are between 18 and 20 weeks of age. They have a weight of at least 200 kilograms and their meat is the color of milk or whitish pink. We also have the Non-formula-fed veal which is that of calves that have gone through weaning. Not only have they sucked milk but have fed from hay and other greenery.This particular veal is from a calf of at least 292 kilograms. We also have UK parameter Young Beef that is of an advanced age calf.

We pack Ethiopia veal in frozen boxes, usually plastic with perforations for aerations. Each box weighs between 10 and 12 kilograms. We then pack about 112 boxes into transportation pallets in single layers. All our packages come with different sized cuts that we fresh pack, vacuum-pack or freeze. We also have veal that we label as ‘halal’ for those with an eye for religiously permitted meat products.

We store Ethiopia veal under phytosanitary conditions. Handling takes place through the observation of an inspector from the Animal and Plant Health Directorate of Ethiopia. All our cutlery and packing equipment is sterilized before handling the bone chops, meat slabs and fat layers. We keep the product frozen and maintain temperatures of 0° Celsius throughout transportation by designate meat vans. Each vehicle comes with a license from the government’s health directorate and PubMed.

We ship Ethiopia veal by air and therefore you can expect the meat to jet into your destination at least 1 to 2 days after dispatch. Since we source the animal products throughout Ethiopia, we offer competitive variety by breed and quality. You can request for both dairy cattle and fattened cattle breeds for your calf meat. We oversee all the processes of meat production including the abattoir stage, to ensure that we deliver a hygienic, fresh product. Our quantity is per your specific needs which can go to several tons. We also customize prices to your budget. Make an order today!

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