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We provide fresh high-quality Ethiopia beef to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia fresh beef from family herders from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia beef comes from one of the largest herds in Africa that totals 52.12 million heads. The meat industry in the country is synonymous with cow meat which features in various processed products. Some of these include Kitfo which is Amharic for mildly cooked or even raw beef. It is a kind of hamburger that one consumes even when raw with spices. Beef is a low cost source of protein and supplies 52 percent of the daily value.

We source Ethiopia beef from family herders in the northern regions, central areas and the eastern pastoralist zones. The central highlands are mainly for dairy cattle while the Tigray area to the north has some fattened heifers for meat production. We only deal with sources with just a couple of cattle heads as this indicates proper care and organic rearing by grazing.

We pack beef while ensuring all our trained slaughterhouse workers are well gloved. This keeps the pathogens away and reduces evaporation from the beef due to human handling. We keep the meat in a cool dry place away from oxygen and light to reduce discoloration or loss of freshness.

We use synthetic film rolls to wrap the chops or carcasses tightly. We then vacuum pack the Ethiopia beef in meat crates or cartons that exclude the entry of oxygen. We attain this through proper sealing. We also go for printed material probably with the product name and source to serve as a barrier against light during any time of exterior exposure. Our other wrapping material is an aluminum foil bag that is self-complete with atmospheric conditioning for the fresh meat. Our vacuum bags, on the other hand, are the best examples of materials for multilayer meat protection. They not only have interior layers of film but have double these at the opening for complete sealing.

After sealing the chops of various sizes in single or double-layers of film, we then pass them into a freezer. The other method is that of spraying cold air onto the film material. This keeps the red Ethiopia meat cool and unthawed on transit.

We store Ethiopia beef under freezing temperate of below 0° Celsius before transportation to the port of Djibouti. Our packages of between 1 and 31 kilograms arrive at the your destination a few days depending on your part of the globe.

You can request for Ethiopia beef anytime as we are one of the best suppliers in the country. All our sources are animal rearing communities who only graze their cattle or feed them with food crops or hay. We do not purchase cattle that have received manufactured feeds. All our processing takes place through the supervision of an official from the Animal and Plant Health Inspectorate Directorate of Ethiopia. You can request for a tonnage that suits your needs together with the breed as we deal with all kinds, cows and heifers alike. Our prices are also among the lowest in the animal product market. Make an order today!

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