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We provide high quality Ethiopia fresh mutton to the local and export market. We source the raw Ethiopia fresh mutton from family herders from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia mutton comes from a country that ranks as one of the leading sources of sheep and goats across the continent. In 2017, the sheep population was 24.2 million while that of goats was 22.6 million. This is in contrast to cattle that totaled 52.13 million. Much of the retail market for the country’s mutton industry is for the red meat type. There are many processing plants all over the country that have come up in recent years to handle the demand for the animal products.

Eating mutton provides the body with a balanced diet. Each chop has a high protein content of 50 percent of the daily value. The highest mineral component is iron at 10 percent of the daily needs. However mutton comes with a high concentration of cholesterol and saturated fat, but it is not harmful when taken in moderation. The great volume of vitamin B-12 at 43 percent of the daily value compensates by offering good metabolism.

We source our Ethiopia fresh mutton from the northern area of Tigray where farmers have several sheep per household. We also obtain the sheep from the predominately agro-pastrolist area of Degehabur zone.

We pack Ethiopia mutton in chops known as quarters. We ask have smaller pieces in form of six cuts. These consist of either boneless or offal cuts. We also have joints and whole carcasses for delivery into the market.

We pack Ethiopia mutton in various materials that conform to health stipulations. The first one is a thermoforming film that rigidly aligns to the surface of the meat to keep it under modified temperatures throughout the shipment. We also have polyolefin film that wraps perfectly onto the product. Our wrappers are all usually new to ensure the safety and hygiene of the meat. We also pack in stockinette which refers to carcass-fitting bags. These are usually white and feature labels of the product name, slaughtering date and the name of the source as well as the destination.

We then fit the wrapped meat into cartons of around 25 kilograms per package or above. We usually freeze the meat if it is going to a long destination for fresh upkeep before putting the wrapper into the carton. All our cartons are corrugated and well sealed with clear labeling.

We store Ethiopia mutton temporarily in our cold room before disbursing it to the port of Djibouti. Our meat delivery vans undergo inspection by the PubMed and health directorate in Ethiopia before shipping takes place. You can request for the shipment from any part of the globe as we supply to all regions.

In short, if you desire a chop of Ethiopia mutton, you have got the right supplier from the heart of one of the biggest domestic animal countries in Africa. We deal exclusively with herders and abattoirs that meet sanitary and animal health stipulations. All our handling mechanisms conform to the highest degree of sanitation, which means there will be little incidence of contamination. While our multiple-tonnage supply reflects our commitment to meet your quantity targets, our prices are quite fair. You can start by making an order today!

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