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We provide high quality Ethiopia frozen lamb to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia frozen lamb from family herders from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia frozen lamb comes from one-year old sheep and is mainly boneless, offal and tender meat. The horn of Africa country has some of the highest livestock numbers in Africa. In total, there are 24.2 million sheep while goats slightly follow at 22.6 million. The number of cattle is double that figure at 52.13 million. This makes the country one of the major sources of meat supply. The greatest areas for rearing sheep is Degehabur zone, which is mainly a sedentary community area.

We buy our lambs for Ethiopia frozen lambs from Degehabur and Tigray to the north. Both areas practice agricultural farming and pastrolism. We only seek for sheep from family herders who have a history of no disease among their livestock. We also buy from quarantine-free regions.

Soon after we oversee the slaughtering of the sheep from a registered abattoir under the supervision of a veterinarian, we pack the meat wholesome to the special licensed meat vans. We then deliver the product to the packing zone. Our trained workers then wear their white PPE and gloves and use sterilized sharp knives and racks to chop the meat into the desired pieces. We offer 6-way cuts also known as IW. They consist of six nearly equal chops in one wrapping. We also have boxed six way cuts.

We pack Ethiopia frozen lamb in various packaging materials all of which have film linings. We have single wraps, layered packs (LP), multi-wrap (MW) and vacuum packs. An extra one is the bulk pack which can contain huge slabs of meat for further processing at the destination. After wrapping the chops, we pass them through liquid ice for freezing and then keep them in airtight vacuum boxes. We pack from 1kg and above.

Our packing cartons for Ethiopia lamb are usually of perfect dimensions. The length of the cartons for boneless cuts is 513 millimeters with a breadth of 337 millimeters by 174 millimeters height. Our chilled lamb stockinette bags are shaped to stretch along the length of the entire carcass. These are shipped in bulk after freezing. We also have a third type of carton, the longest for offals that is 514 millimeters in length, 320 millimeters in width and 94 millimeters in height.

Our vacuum packed frozen lamb stays chilled from date one to the time you open it, which means it is perfectly fresh to consume. We offer a guarantee of between 1 to 3 years of the meat staying in the same condition if left unopened. Our mutton also contains a quality mark on the label which describes the purity, product name and packing date.

We store our Ethiopia lamb under phytosanitary conditions with minimal human handling. Our cold rooms are spacious to allow in ventilation and stay at the temperature range of 0° Celsius. We transport the meat on the same day of packing to minimize delay. We use meat vans that have undergone certification by the PubMed in the country.

If you would like to get a chop of boneless mutton from the horn of Africa, you can start today by getting in touch with the best suppliers of Ethiopia frozen lamb. We pay attention to our sources to ensure that we only offer disease-free breeds. All our meat comes from lambs of less than 12 months of age, which means tender meat. You can ask for tonnage that suits your needs for fresh meat. Our pricing is always tailored to your budget. Make an order today!

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