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We provide high quality Ethiopia pork to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia pork from family pig keepers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pork comes from just a few areas of the country as pig is rarely consumed by both Orthodox Christians and Muslims. However, there are many abattoirs especially in the northwestern parts of the country whose main purpose is for income generation rather than local use. Key pig-rearing areas in Amhara range from Western Gojjam to Mecha district. In spite of the abhorrence of pork by various cultures, pork still remains the most consumed meat source around the globe and is 38 percent of all animal meat that the world produces.

Each leg or body of meat from a pig consists of not just protein which stands at 27.32 grams per 100 gram serving but other nutrients. Pork has 9 percent of vitamin D for the same benefits as basking in the sun to develop strong bones. It is also a good source of vitamin B6 at 36 percent of the daily value and phosphorous at 35 percent of the daily value. The pig’s fat is about 13.92 grams when eaten as pork.

We source our Ethiopia pork from the pig-rearing area of Mecha. The place is located in the northwestern tip of the country in the Amhara zone. Locals keep one to five animals per piece of land but not for their own consumption. They also follow traditional feeding culture which includes grazing, crop feeding and family leftover meals. Thus, the meat product comes wholly unmodified right from the abattoir.

We pack Ethiopia pork in regular cuts and chops. These include traditional side bacon and pork belly which consists of layers of fat in between visible muscles. We also provide whole small suckling pig whose entire body is consumed in roasted form.

Our other packed processed pork includes smoked loin chops, bone-less pork chops and classic smoked pork chops. The latter come in about 20 to 25 pieces for every 10 pound meat box. We also pack pork in modified atmosphere packing pellets of just 4 kilograms that contain fresh untainted meat. We pass the packages through a freezing layer so that the meat can reach your destination in thawed form for freshness.

We store Ethiopia pork at freezing point below 0° Celsius. Right from butchering to the packaging process, there is usually a health inspector from the PubMed to check on the phytosanitary procedure. This means that you only avail hygienic meat that is uncontaminated. We transport the meat under specialty meat vans with refrigerators on board. Each vehicle comes under license from the Animal and Plant Health Regulatory Directorate of Ethiopia.

Thus, if you are looking forward to meat chops of Ethiopia pork, you have got the right, caring supplier. We keep an eye on the rearing of the animals up to the stage of abattoir delivery. From here we conform to the guidelines of the PubMed on keeping sanitary and hygienic methods in the processing or freezing of fresh meat for sale in the international market. All our chops are done under highly sterilized equipment and sealed in crates that contain labels of origin, expiry date and freshness level. Our quantity depends on your specific requirement. Our prices, too, reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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