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Product Ethiopia chilled lamb
Varieties of sheep Washera, Afar, Arsi,Horor,
Common varieties Washera, Afar
Packaging Packed in quarters of 6 cuts Thermoforming film put in 25kg gross weight cartons
Size In quarter sizes of six cuts As a carcass
Season availability Throughout the year
Transport conditions Shipped by air temperature below 10 degrees Celsius By vans and designer tracks.
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High-quality Ethiopia chilled lamb is available for both local and international markets. Most of the chilled lamb is sourced from family herders and pastoralists communities in the country.

Ethiopia chilled lamb is a product of lambs, which are the young ones of sheep. They were among the first domesticated animals by humans. Sheep are reared for their meat. This includes mutton (meat of an adult sheep) hogget (meat of a juvenile sheep older than one year) and lamb (sheep in its first year). They are also reared for fleeces and milk. Sheep’s wool is used as animal fibers and is harvested by shearing.

Apart from Ethiopia, sheep are also domesticated in the United States and Indian subcontinent. In Ethiopia, sheep are domesticated in south-central and the highlands of south, central and eastern Ethiopia.

 chilled lamb industry has continuously grown over the years. The Ethiopia sheep population stands at 24 million now. The total export value for lamb and mutton in 2007 was $72 million. Arabia is the highest consumer of chilled meat.

There are several types of sheep, which provide different varieties of meat. The sheep breeds include:

Washera sheep. They are the dormant breed in Ethiopia. They suited to wet, warmer mid-highland where the latitude is between (1600-2000) m. They are in the Amhara region.

 Arsi-bale sheep. They are in parts of Illubabor, Jimma, Oromia and western Shoa. The climatic conditions of these regions are semi-arid to sub-humid and rainfall above 1500 mm. 

Sheep survive in areas with rainfall ranging between (1000-1400) mm, a longitude between (35-38) degrees Celsius east and altitude of (1400-2000) m.

Ethiopia chilled lamb is pack in chops called quarters in the form of six cuts. Cuts consist of offal and boneless.  

Chilled lamb is pack in thermoforming film, which is placed at the bottom so that the meat can be shipped at the required temperature. Use polyolefin film to fold meat while the stockinet bags to put carcasses.

To keep the meat fresh as it was in the source, freeze the meat before packing.

The chilled lamb meat is stored in cold rooms before transporting to the airport for shipping to the export market

 Inspected vans and designed trucks used in transporting for health purposes


                     It has essential vitamins such as K, E, B1, B3, B12, B9 and essential proteins, calcium, and iron.

  • It helps in rapid weight gain.
  • Prevent anemia from the baby and mother during pregnancy.
  • Improves heart bate rate
  • It has iron, which aids during menstrual pains.

The country has invested in this sector by constructing modern laboratories, chilled storage, loading docks and elevated modes that have been put in place. 

Slaughterhouses are widely spread throughout the country and the government ensures that they meet international quality standards.

 If hence you require the best quality of chilled lamb, do not hesitate to get the product from Ethiopia because it provides the best. 


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