X, the most mysterious and elusive letter of the alphabet supplies an intriguing list of foods. You are about to encounter anything from the Ximenia caffra fruit of the tropics to that one-of-a-kind Portuguese soup known as Xarem. As you will discover, Chinese terms are pervasive on this unique alphabetical challenge. At the end of it all, despite the meagerness of this third last letter of the alphabet as a supplier of names, you will be surprised what a treasure-trove a list of foods that start with X can turn out to be. From fruits to vegetables, fish and prepared meals, all are represented here!

Fruits that start with X

You may be surprised by how many fruits that start with X there are. We searched around the globe to find as many letter X fruits as possible. We know these letter X fruits will excite you and also make you a little hungry.

1. Ximenia Caffra Fruit

First up on our list of fruits that start with X is the ximenia caffra fruit. The ximenia caffra fruit tree grows in tropical regions and forests.

The ximenia caffra fruit tree can grow up to six meters high! The ximenia caffra fruit is a tropical melon. It’s sometimes called sea lemon. Ximenia fruit has a sour taste but can be eaten raw. The small orange fruit tastes best when overripe.

2.Xigua Fruit

Xigua is another name for the common watermelon. In fact, xigua means “common watermelon” in Mandarin. When in the United States the xigua fruit would simply be called a watermelon. The xigua melon originated in Africa but is now grown around the world. China is currently one of the biggest watermelon growers.

3.Xinomavro Grape

The xinomavro grape grows in Greece. The name of the grape stems from the words xino, which means sour, and mavro, which means black. That leads one to believe that these dark-colored grapes are quite sour! Xinomavro grapes are most commonly used to make wine.

4. Xylocarpus Granatum Fruit

The xylocarpus granatum fruit grows in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. The xylocarpus granatum tree is also known as the cannonball mangrove, cedar mangrove, or puzzle nut tree. This common species of mangrove tree grows brown, woody fruits called xylocarpus granatum fruit.

5. Xonocostle

Xonocostle fruit is the last on our list of fruits that start with X. The xoconostle fruit is a type of cactus fruit. They grow on the Nopal cactus in Mexico. Unlike other sweet cactus fruits like the prickly pear, xonocostle is very sour. Xonocostle fruit is not usually eaten fresh but rather cooked with other foods. The fruits are most commonly used in a Mexican dish called mole de olla. Xonocostle adds a tart flavor to the rich beef stew.

6. Xiangjiao

Finally, there is something familiar here, but in another language! In Chinese, banana is Xiangjiao. I believe that Xiangjiao is one of the most favorite and popular fruits in the world. Xiangjiao is undoubtedly nutritious and famous for its richness of mineral potassium. It does not only grow in any specific season of the year; it is available year-round. Unlike several other fruits, Xiangjiao keeps ripening after being plucked.

7. Xigua

Technically speaking, Xigua can also fall under the category of food starting with the letter “W” because xigua is just another name for watermelon that is grown mainly in Africa. However, it is pretty similar to any other species of watermelon in the world without many significant differences. This fruit, which belongs to the same family as cucumber and pumpkin, is a delightful treat that is high in nutritional value. It is a local delicacy in the United States. Surprisingly, Xigua also means “watermelon” in Chinese.

8. Xinomavro

Xinomavro is another grape species that are mainly found in the hilly regions of Macedonia, which is centered in the North of Greece. Xinomavro is regarded as an outstanding type of grape for winemaking. Wine made from this is incredibly popular in Greece and is usually served as an accompanying dish to gyro, another staple Greek dish. If you have ever tasted wine here, it is probably made from Xinomavro grapes.

9.  Xing Zi 

Xing Zi, which is “Apricot” in Chinese, is a fruit of the Rosaceae family. Some other fruits from this family are cherries, peaches and plums. Xing Zi is grown in temperate climates throughout the globe, particularly in the Mediterranean. Xing Zi may be eaten raw or cooked. A popular dish featuring Xing Zi is apricot couscous, a fantastic companion to Moroccan dishes. Xing Zi can be preserved by canning or drying. The fruit is also extensively used to make jam, pies and flavor wines.

10. Xanthium

Xanthium is actually another name for the cocklebur from North America and some parts of Asia. The fruit is yellow and consists of a scabrous and spiky look like a baby hedgehog. This fruit is often used in Chinese medicine and has a specific name in Chinese, Cang Er Zi due to its color and shape. In Western countries, Xanthium can be used as a painkiller to reduce soreness and headaches brought by nasal congestion.

Vegetables that start with X

Finding vegetables that start with the letter X is quite challenging as there are very few vegetables with names beginning with that letter. However, some vegetables that start with X are as follows.

11. Xigua 

Xigua is a type of gourd with a waxy green skin and a mild, refreshing flavor. It is commonly used in Asian cuisines for soups, stews, and stir-fries.

12. Xi Lan Hua

Xi lan hua is popularly known as broccoli, a green edible plant that is a member of the Brassicaceae family. Xi lan hua is identified as Brassica oleracea var. italica in the scientific community. It is believed that the vegetable is a result of the breeding of domesticated species of the Brassica crops. The origins of xi lan hua can be traced as far as the existence of the roman empire in the southern regions of the Italian peninsula to Sicily.

13. Xi Yang Cai

Xi yang cai is known worldwide as yellowcress or watercress. The scientific name of xi yang cai is Nasturtium officinale. Xi yang cai is an aquatic flowering plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family. This is a rapidly growing perennial plant related to mustard, wasabi, garden cress, and radish. It is believed that xi yang cai is one of the oldest leaf vegetables to be consumed by human beings.

14. Xà Lách

Xà lách is scientifically referred to as Lactuca sativa, and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. Xà lách is commonly known as lettuce in other regions other than Vietnam. It is believed to have originated in Egypt, where it was primarily cultivated for its seeds used for oil production. The Egyptians are thought to have selectively bred Xà lách into a plant with edible leaves. Currently, The vegetable is cultivated worldwide, with China, the United States, India, Italy, and Spain being the world’s leading producers.

15. Xanthosoma Sagittifolium

Xanthosoma sagittifolium is popularly known as arrowleaf elephant ear, American taro, Barbados nut eddoe, cocoyam, elephant ears, yannia leaf spinach, yautia, uyautia, yellow ocumo, or malanga. Xanthosoma sagittifolium is a flowering plant belonging to the Xanthosoma genus. The vegetable is mainly cultivated for its starchy and edible tubers. It is native to the northern regions of South America and Africa, from where it spread to other areas of the world. During the slavery period, the plant was regarded as slave food. Xanthosoma sagittifolium is heavily cultivated in the Pacific Islands. It is a major food source in Central and South America.

16. Xanthosoma Brasiliense

Xanthosoma Brasiliense is a flowering plant belonging to the Araceae family. The most common names for Xanthosoma Brasiliense are Tahitian spinach, belembe, Tahitian taro, tannier spinach, calalou, and celery stem taro. This plant is native to the tropical regions of South America and the west indies. It was first domesticated in the amazon regions before it spread to other areas. Unlike other tannia, the tubers of the Xanthosoma Brasiliense are not edible, with only the stems and roots eaten as vegetables.

17. Xanthosoma Caracu

Xanthosoma caracu is a flowering plant that belongs to the Araceae family. Xanthosoma caracu is popularly known as caracu. It is native to the south American regions and is mainly cultivated in the west indies and central America, especially Puerto Rico. The vegetable is a perennial plant with leaves that can grow up to 2 meters long from the rootstock.

Grains that start with X

These are the grains that start with X. 

18. Xerophyte Wheat

Xerophyte wheat is a type of wheat that is adapted to grow in arid or dry conditions. It is specifically bred to be drought-tolerant and can survive with minimal water requirements. Xerophyte wheat is not as widely known or commercially available as other varieties of wheat.

19. Xtra quality

Ancient grains are tastier and of superior quality compared to standard grains, with nuances of aroma and flavor unknown to industrialized cereals. Less refined and lower in gluten content, they are lighter and easier to digest.

Meat that start with X

Here are some meats that start with X.

20. Xacuti

Xacuti (pronounced “sha-kooti”) is a Goan curry with a rich flavor profile that includes white poppy seeds, sliced or shredded coconut, and large dried red chiles. Typically, it is made with chicken, lamb, or beef. In Portuguese, it’s known as chacuti.

21. Xavier Steak

If you’re looking for a food beginning with x that is simple but delicious, then look no further! Xavier steak is a simple grilled steak of your choosing served with seasoned asparagus drizzled with olive oil before being topped with swiss cheese slices. The cheese then gets melted under a broiler, and the dish is served.

22. Xia Mi

Dried shrimp are known as Xia Mi in Chinese, which translates to “shrimp rice,” since small shrimp are sun-dried, resulting in even smaller dried shrimp pieces. Most dried shrimp are small, even though they are larger than grains of rice. They’re featured in stir-fries, braises, soups, stuffings, and dumpling fillings in Chinese cuisine.

23. Xouba Fish

The Xouba fish is the name given to a little Galician sardine that grows between 11 and 15 centimeters in length and is abundant in vitamins, particularly A, D, and phosphorus. Because of its high protein level and rich omega 3 fatty acid content, it is an excellent fish to include in weekly meals.

Seafood that start with X

Here are some of the seafoods that start with letter X.

24. Xiphias 

Swordfish is a large predatory fish known for its long bill-like snout, resembling a sword. It is a popular seafood choice in many cuisines and is known for its firm texture and mildly sweet flavor.

25. X-Ray Tetras.

X-ray Tetras, also known as Pristella Tetras or Pristella maxillaris, are small freshwater fish native to South America. They are popular among aquarium enthusiasts due to their vibrant colors and peaceful nature. 

26. Xanthogramma Sandperch

Found singly or in small schools, over gravel bottoms, between corals and reef patches, close to rock and rubble areas, of shallow seaward reefs.

27. Xantic Sargo

The Xantic Sargo can be identified through its somewhat elongated body, elevated and compressed back, and pouty lips. Its body is mostly silver except for the single brown or black vertical stripe on each side and the rather bronzy tinge on the top side of its predominantly white lateral line. As for the fins, the caudal fin is slightly forked and the two-segment dorsal fin is spiny, both of which are colored dark brown to black. Its pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins are much lighter in color.

28. Xenaploactis Asperrima

Xenaploactis was first described as a genus in 1980 by the American ichthyologists Stuart G. Poss and William N. Eschmeyer when the reclassified Prosopodasys asperrimus, which had originally been described in 1860 by Albert Günther from the East Indies, to a new genus. Poss and Eschmeyer were also able to describe 2 new species in the genus from museum specimens.

29. Xenichthys Xanti

Silvery with about 6 dark stripes on the upper two-thirds of side, those on the middle of side brown, becoming blackish on back; a prominent black spot at base of tail fin. Size: attains 25.4 cm. Habitat: over sandy bottoms. Generally occurs in mixed schools with other grunts.

Dairy and Eggs that start with X

Finding specific dairy and egg products that start with the letter “X” is quite challenging, as there are not many commonly known items in this category that begin with that letter. However, here are some  possibilities.

30. Xylitol

While not a dairy or egg product, xylitol is a sweetener that is sometimes used in dairy-based products such as sugar-free ice cream or yogurts. However, it is important to note that xylitol is primarily derived from birch trees and is not considered a dairy or egg ingredient.

31. Xylitol-Enhanced Eggs

Some companies produce eggs that are marketed as “xylitol-enhanced” eggs. These eggs are laid by hens fed a diet supplemented with xylitol, claiming to provide additional health benefits. However, these eggs are not widely available and may be specific to certain regions or brands.

Nuts and seeds that start with X

When it comes to nuts and seeds, finding those that start with the letter “X” is quite challenging since there are very few options available. However, these are some options available.

32. Ximenia Seed

Ximenia is a genus of flowering plants that produce small, round fruits containing seeds. Ximenia seeds are occasionally used in traditional medicine and skincare products.

33. Xanthoceras Nut

Xanthoceras sorbifolium, also known as the Yellowhorn tree, produces nuts that are sometimes referred to as Xanthoceras nuts. These nuts are edible and have a unique flavor profile.

Oils and fats that start with X

Not so many options under tis category, but all the same we are not empty. Here are the options you can explore.

34. Ximenia Oil

Ximenia oil, also known as wild plum oil or sourplum oil, is derived from the seeds of the Ximenia africana tree. This oil is commonly used in cosmetics and skincare products due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Sweets and desserts that start with X

Finding sweets and desserts that start with the letter “X” can be challenging since options are limited. However, here are some of the examples. 

35. Xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao is a type of Chinese steamed bun that is often considered a dessert. It is typically filled with sweet fillings like red bean paste, sesame paste, or taro paste.

36. Xurros

Xurros, also known as churros, are a popular Spanish dessert. They are fried dough pastries that are typically served with a dusting of sugar and can be enjoyed with dipping sauces like chocolate or caramel.

37. Xi Gua Lao

Watermelon jelly, also known as Xi Gua Lao, is a traditional Beijing dish. The ingredients that get used include watermelon, cherries, sugar, agar, and vanilla powder. Agar, vanilla powder and sugar are heated together to make a syrup. The cherries are cut into small slices, and the watermelon is crushed to extract the juice, which is then combined with the syrup and left to cool.

38. Xingren Donfu

If you have a sweet tooth and need sweets beginning with x to satisfy your craving, try Xingren Donfu. It is a soft, very sweet Chinese dessert made with almond milk, sugar, agar-agar, and gelatin.

39. Xmas Cakes

The word “Xmas cakes,” or Christmas cakes, refers to a wide range of cakes typically baked and eaten or given as gifts throughout the holidays. Christmas cakes include fruitcakes, red velvet, and spice cakes. A Christmas cake exists, which is essentially an iced fruitcake. Christmas Cake has a rich, velvety texture and is so flavorful and moist that it can be eaten on its own. It lasts a long time and tastes great with or without alcohol. Xmas cakes are traditionally covered in fondant.

40. Xmas Cookies

What is Christmas without Christmas cookies? This snack food that starts with X (they deserve to be on this list!) is part of every American family’s Christmas traditions. From chocolate chip to gingerbread cookies to snickerdoodles, Xmas cookies bring a yummy, sweet aroma to every household.

Beverages that start  with X

X marks the spot, particularly the spot where you can find the few yet mighty cocktails that begin with the letter X. As we near the end of the alphabet with the three least used letters of all, the lists are shorter but no less important. With some truly incredible cocktails, the X list has some excellent concoctions worth trying.

41. Xylophone Cocktail

This cocktail is so multi-faceted that it has two different recipes that are numbered: the Xylophone 1 & Xylophone 2. The only thing the two recipes have in common is tequila as their headliner. The recipe for the Xylophone 1 blends tequila, cream, white creme de cacao, and simple syrup with crushed ice to create a creamy frozen drink that’s sweet and delicious.

42. XYZ Cocktail

First appearing in Harry Craddock’s 1930 edition of the “Savoy Cocktail Book,” the XYZ Cocktail is a tasty, and refreshing rum drink. With only three total ingredients and the rum content doubling each of the other two ingredients, rum is truly the standout flavor in the XYZ Cocktail. Notably, this drink is made with rum, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

43. Xaviera

A fairly new cocktail in the grand scheme of things, the Xaviera is a smooth sipper that was created sometime in the early 2000s. Little else is known about the Xaviera’s roots. Of note, the Xaviera is a blend of triple sec, coffee liqueur, almond liqueur, and whipping cream.

44. Xalapa Punch

The Xalapa Punch’s origins are linked to a farm in Paris called the Xalapa Farm, a thoroughbred horse breeding farm. The recipe for this cocktail was first published in a late-80s copy of “The Blue Grass Cook Book” and it’s popularly served at horse races. Of note, the Xalapa Punch is a mix of black tea, simple syrup, applejack, red wine, rum, and lemons.

45. Xanthia

First featured in a 1930s edition of “The Savoy Cocktail Book,” the Xanthia is a cherry-flavored after-dinner drink with herbal undertones. Made of three parts of three different liquors, the Xanthia is certainly high in alcohol content. Boozy and fruity, the Xanthia is a classic bar cocktail.

46. Xeres

First printed in a 1920s cocktail book, the Xeres  was created by Harry MacElhone of London’s Ciro Club. Though the recipe has undergone subtle changes since its inception, the Xeres is still a much-loved cocktail that’s bitter sweet in taste. Interestingly, the cocktail’s name is the Spanish word for sherry, a key ingredient in the recipe.

47. Xocolatl

Mexican hot chocolate is one of my favorite x foods, as it is also known as Xocolatl, a spicy, slightly bitter chocolate drink. Despite its origins in central Mexico with the Aztecs and Mayans, the drink is now extensively drunk in the United States. Sweet cocoa, chili powder, and cinnamon are used to make this drink.

Herbs and spices that start with X

There aren’t many commonly known that start with the letter, but here are some examples.

48. Xo Sauce

XO sauce is a high-end condiment created in Hong Kong and is named after the XO cognac. It has become a staple in many Chinese communities due to its distinct flavor. The spicy sauce is made up of a delicious combination of dried seafood, such as dried scallops and shrimp, as well as chili peppers, ham, and dry garlic. This condiment is intended to increase the umami flavor that binds the dish together, enhancing the flavor of any savory dish.

49. Xidoufen 

Xidoufen is a spicy Yunnan-style Chinese soup (often called “pea porridge”) made with boiled peameal and spices such as ginger, crushed garlic, spring onion, coriander, dry chili flakes, and Sichuan pepper oil. Unlike many soups served with dumplings, Xidoufen is served with flatbread.

50. Xiāng Ruǐ

Xiāng Ruǐ is a Chinese herb commonly known as “Fragrant Madder.” It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has a slightly bitter and aromatic taste. It is often used in herbal remedies for its purported benefits on digestion, menstrual disorders, and blood circulation.

Prepared/cooked meals that start with X

Here are some prepared/cooked meal ideas that start with the letter X.

51. Xiaolongbao

Chinese steamed dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.

52. Xacuti

A spicy curry dish from Goa, India, typically made with chicken, lamb, or seafood.

53. Xinjiang Lamb Skewers

Grilled skewers of marinated lamb, popular in the Xinjiang region of China.

54. Xôi Xéo

Vietnamese sticky rice dish topped with mung bean paste, fried onions, and shredded coconut.

55. XimXim

A traditional Brazilian dish made with chicken or shrimp, cooked in a sauce of ground peanuts, coconut milk, and dendê oil.

56. Xnipec

A spicy salsa from Yucatan, Mexico, made with habanero peppers, onions, and sour orange juice.

57. Xiao Long Xia

Chinese-style crayfish cooked in a spicy broth with Sichuan peppercorns.

59. Xingren Doufu

A Chinese dessert made with almond jelly and served with fresh fruit.

60. Xacutti de Galinha

A traditional Goan chicken curry dish with a rich blend of spices and coconut.

61. Xarém

A Portuguese dish made from cornmeal, typically served with seafood or meat.

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