Be prepared to meet all kinds of fruits, exotic and universal alike, on this list of foods that start with Y. If, like me, you fall easily for the allure of yellow passionfruit and its byproducts, you will definitely find this a delectable food challenge. Vintages are all here: yerba mate, yogurt and yellowfin tuna. Novelties are also full house on the list, including yakitori, yellow tea and yuzu. Enjoin this yard-long chase to various foods!

Fruits that start with Y

Believe it or not, fruits that start with Y are some of my favorite fruits. Even though the list isn’t that long, the fruits on it are incredibly tasty. I love yellow watermelon, yellow passion fruit, and yumberries, and the nutritional benefits of the Yunnan hackberry fruit are pretty impressive.

1. Yellow Passionfruit

Yellow Passionfruit, also known as Golden Passionfruit or Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa, is a tropical fruit that belongs to the Passifloraceae family. It is a cultivar of the passionfruit vine and is highly regarded for its aromatic flavor.

More resources: nutrition in yellow passionfruit juice

2. Yuzu

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that originates from East Asia, specifically Japan, China, and Korea. It is known for its unique flavor and aromatic qualities. Yuzu is small in size, similar to a tangerine, and has a rough, bumpy skin that is yellow to yellow-green in color.

3. Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon, also known as Yellow Flesh Watermelon, is a variety of watermelon with a bright yellow or golden interior instead of the typical red or pink flesh. It is a refreshing and juicy fruit that offers a unique twist on the classic watermelon flavor.

4. Youngberry

The Youngberry is a type of berry that is a hybrid of three different berries: the blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), raspberry (Rubus idaeus), and dewberry (Rubus aboriginum). It was developed by horticulturist B.M. Young in the early 20th century.

5. Yangmei

Yangmei, also known as Chinese Bayberry or Myrica rubra, is a fruit native to East Asia, particularly China and Japan. It is a small, round berry that grows on the yangmei tree, which is an evergreen tree belonging to the Myricaceae family.

6. Yellow Plum

Yellow Plum refers to a variety of plums that have a yellow or golden-colored skin. Plums come in various colors and sizes, including red, purple, black, and yellow. The yellow plum is recognized for its vibrant yellow skin, which can sometimes have a slight blush of red or orange.

7. Yellow Raspberries

Yellow raspberries, also known as golden raspberries, are a variation of raspberries with a yellow or golden color. While red raspberries are the most common, yellow raspberries offer a unique visual appeal and slightly different flavor profile.

For nutrition, please check out the raspberries’ nutritional information.

8. Yellow Kiwifruit

Yellow Kiwifruit, also known as Gold Kiwifruit or Zespri Gold, is a variety of kiwifruit that has a golden, yellow flesh instead of the typical green flesh of green kiwifruit. It is a popular fruit known for its vibrant color, sweet flavor, and nutritional benefits.

9. Yellow Guava

Yellow Guava refers to a variety of guava fruit that has a yellow-colored flesh. Guava itself is a tropical fruit known for its distinct flavor and aroma. While most guava varieties have pink or white flesh, there are specific cultivars that exhibit a yellow flesh color.

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10. Yali pear

The Yali pear, also known as the Asian pear or Nashi pear, is a variety of pear originating from China. It is named after the Yali River in the Shaanxi province of China. Yali pears are known for their distinctive shape, crisp texture, and sweet flavor.

Vegetables that start with Y

Discover the secret behind the culinary term ‘yummy’ through yams, yardlong beans and yellow squash, among other delicious vegetables that start with Y. Here is the full list of vegetables that start with the letter Y made up of green leaves and tubers alike.

11. Yam 

Yam is a starchy vegetable that belongs to the Dioscorea genus. It is a tuberous root vegetable that is widely consumed in various cuisines around the world. Yams are a significant food source in many tropical regions and are known for their nutritional value and versatility in cooking.

12. Yellow Squash

Yellow squash is a type of summer squash that is known for its vibrant yellow color and mild flavor. It belongs to the Cucurbita pepo species, which includes various types of squash and pumpkins. Yellow squash is popular in many cuisines and is widely available during the summer months.

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13. Yucca Root

Yucca root, also known as cassava or manioc, is a starchy tuberous root vegetable native to South America. It is a staple food in many tropical regions and is consumed in various forms, including as a flour, chips, or boiled and mashed.

14. Yuca

Yuca, also known as cassava, is a starchy tuberous root vegetable that is widely consumed in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is a major source of carbohydrates in these regions and is used in a variety of culinary applications.

15. Yarrow

Achillea millefolium, commonly known as yarrow or common yarrow, is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. Other common names include old man’s pepper, devil’s nettle, sanguinary, milfoil, soldier’s woundwort, and thousand seal.

16. Yukon Gold Potato

The Yukon Gold potato is a variety of potato that starts with the letter “Y.” It is a popular and widely recognized potato cultivar. The Yukon Gold was first developed in Canada in the 1960s by agricultural researchers at the University of Guelph.

17. Yellow Pepper

Yellow pepper, also known as yellow bell pepper, is a vegetable that starts with the letter “Y.” It is a cultivar of Capsicum annuum, which is the same species that includes other bell peppers such as green, red, and orange.

18. Yao Choy

Yao choy, also known as yau choy, yao pak choy, or baby bok choy, is a vegetable that starts with the letter “Y.” It is a type of Chinese cabbage and belongs to the Brassica rapa species, which also includes other leafy greens like bok choy and napa cabbage.

Grains that start with Y

Learn more about Yamani rice, the only cereal represented on this list of grains that start with Y, which is one of the few rice varieties that originate from the Gulf of Aden region. 

19. Yamani Rice

Yamani Rice, also known as Yemini Rice or Yemeni Rice, is a type of long-grain rice that is cultivated in Yemen and some other Middle Eastern countries. Yamani Rice is characterized by its long, slender grains and fragrant aroma. It has a nutty flavor and a slightly chewy texture when cooked. It is often used as a staple grain in Middle Eastern and Yemeni cuisine.

Legumes that start with Y

What are the other names of yardlong beans? On this single-entry list of legumes that start with Y, you will discover these alternative names.

20. Yardlong bean

Yardlong Bean is also known as “Long Bean” or “Snake Bean.” Yardlong beans belong to the Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis species, which is the same species as cowpeas.

Allso known as Chinese long bean, yardlong bean is a type of legume that is cultivated for its long, slender pods. It is a popular vegetable in Asian cuisines, particularly in Southeast Asia and China.

For nutrition information, please check nutrition in raw yardlong beans

Seafood that start with Y

Isn’t yellow such a fantastic color for food? Sure enough, some of the best known fish have yellow tail fins and hence names that derive from this intonation, e.g., yellowfin tuna and yellowtail snapper. Discover more through this list of seafood that start with Y.

21. Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) is a popular and widely recognized seafood option that starts with the letter “Y.” It is a saltwater fish found in the warm waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and along the southeastern coast of the United States.

22. Yellowfin Grouper

Grouper is a general term that refers to a variety of fish species belonging to the Epinephelidae family. However, “Yellowfin Grouper” is not a specific and recognized species within that family. There is a species called “Yellowfin Grouper” (Mycteroperca venenosa), also known as “Yellowedge Grouper” or “Yellowfin Hind,” but it is not as commonly referred to as some other grouper species. Yellowfin Grouper is typically found in deeper waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea.

23. Yellowedge Moray

There is a species called “Yellowfin Grouper” (Mycteroperca venenosa), also known as “Yellowedge Grouper” or “Yellowfin Hind,” but it is not as commonly referred to as some other grouper species. Yellowfin Grouper is typically found in deeper waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea.

24. Yellow-Eye Mullet

Yellow-Eye Mullet (Aldrichetta forsteri) is a species of fish that is found in coastal waters and estuaries in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, particularly around Australia and New Zealand. It is commonly known as yellow-eye mullet due to its distinctive large, yellow-colored eyes.

25. Yellowtail Barracuda

The yellowtail barracuda is one of the smaller species of barracuda of the family Sphyraenidae, which can be found in Indo-West Pacific oceans. It has also invaded the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, making it one of the Lessepsian migrants.

26. Yellow Perch

Yellow perch (Perca flavescens) is a freshwater fish species that is widely recognized and popular among anglers and seafood enthusiasts. It is a member of the Percidae family and is native to North America, specifically the Great Lakes region and surrounding waterways.

27. Yellow Bass

Yellow bass (Morone mississippiensis) is a species of freshwater fish found in the central and southern United States, primarily in the Mississippi River basin and its tributaries. It is a member of the Moronidae family, which also includes other popular game fish such as striped bass and white bass.

28. Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) is a highly prized and widely recognized species of fish in the seafood world. It is a large pelagic fish found in tropical and subtropical waters around the globe, including the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

We also have a comprehensive breakdown of yellowfin tuna nutritional composition

Dairy and Eggs that start with Y

If most of the entries on this list of dairy and eggs that start with Y sound vaguely familiar, then it is all because they are either regional food sounds such as the Himalayan ‘yak,’ or simply because they are yogurt-based!

29. Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with live bacteria cultures. It is known for its creamy texture and tangy flavor. Yogurt is consumed on its own or used as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts.

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30. Yak Milk

Yak milk is derived from the domesticated yaks found in the Himalayan region of Asia. It is similar to cow’s milk in terms of composition and can be consumed as a beverage or used in dairy-based products like cheese or butter.

31. Yuzu Eggs

Yuzu eggs are a Japanese specialty made by mixing raw egg yolks with yuzu juice and sweeteners. Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a unique and tart flavor. Yuzu eggs are commonly used as a topping or flavoring for dishes like rice, noodles, or desserts.

32. Yak butter

Yak butter is a dairy product made from the milk of yaks, which are large domesticated animals found in the high-altitude regions of Central Asia, particularly in Tibet, Nepal, and parts of China. Yak butter holds great cultural and practical significance in these areas.

33. Yayık ayranı

Yayık ayranı, also known as “yayık yogurt drink,” is a traditional Turkish beverage that is made from fermented yogurt and water. It is a popular and refreshing drink in Turkish cuisine, particularly during hot summer months.

34. Ymer 

Ymer is a traditional Scandinavian dairy product that originated in Denmark and is also consumed in parts of Sweden and Norway. It is a type of fermented milk, similar to yogurt but with a distinct taste and texture. Ymer is typically made by fermenting whole milk with specific strains of lactic acid bacteria. The fermentation process gives it a thick and creamy consistency, similar to yogurt, but with a smoother and milder flavor profile. The taste of ymer can vary slightly depending on the specific brand or producer.

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Nuts and seeds that start with Y

While they are not true seeds in the real sense of the word, the two represented here under nuts and seeds that start with Y are colorful, exotic and medicinal.

35. Yellow Bell Seeds 

Yellow bell seeds are the inedible but medicinal parts of a flowering plant that is botanically known as Tecoma stans. The leaves as well as seeds serve as food to small animals. In herbal medicine, crushed seeds and leaves can help contain skin infection, bowel problems and hyperglycemia. 

36. Yellow Coneflower Seeds 

Coming from a flower that is considerably non-toxic, yellow coneflower seeds are, together with the leaves medicinal. They have gone down the centuries as safe remedies for flu containment. They have also helped cure lung-related ailments including bronchitis and inflammation. 

Oils and fats that start with Y

Yuzu oil is the only food included here on the list of oils and fats starting with letter Y. While it may or may not ring a bell to those in the West, it is nevertheless a citrusy favorite in the Far-East.

37. Yuzu Oil

Yuzu oil is derived from the zest of yuzu, a citrus fruit predominantly grown in East Asia. It is commonly used in Japanese cuisine for its distinct tangy and aromatic flavor. Yuzu oil is rich in antioxidants and is often used sparingly as a finishing oil to add a unique citrusy essence to dishes.

Sweets and desserts that start with Y

From nutritious yogurt raisins to classic chocolate bars, this list of sweets and desserts that start with Y consists of more than just simple delicacies: it is, rather, an exciting plateful of patties, custards and candies.

38. Yemas

Yemas are a traditional Spanish sweet made from egg yolks and sugar. The yolks are cooked with sugar syrup until they become thick and creamy. The mixture is then shaped into small balls or cylinders and sometimes coated with powdered sugar. Yemas are often enjoyed during special occasions or as a popular treat in Spain.

39. York Peppermint Patties

Absolutely! York Peppermint Patties are a popular and well-known sweet treat that starts with the letter “Y.” These patties consist of a dark chocolate coating with a smooth, mint-flavored filling. 

40. Yogurt Raisins

Yogurt raisins are a type of sweet snack made by coating raisins with a yogurt-flavored coating. They are typically made by first drying the raisins and then coating them in a sweetened yogurt mixture. The yogurt coating provides a creamy and tangy contrast to the natural sweetness of the raisins.

Here is a breakdown of the most important nutrition components in yogurt raisins.

41. Yema

Yema is a popular sweet treat in the Philippines. It is a soft and creamy confection made from egg yolks, condensed milk, and sugar. The mixture is cooked until thickened and then shaped into bite-sized balls or sometimes molded into various shapes.

42. Yorkie Bars

Yorkie bars are a popular chocolate bar originally produced by Nestlé. They were first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1976. Yorkie bars are known for their chunky and rugged appearance, typically divided into thick, breakable squares.

43. Yum Yum Candy

Sharing a name with Yum-Yum, the female cat in the fictional Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun, yum yum candy is as delicious as its name. Also yum sum donuts is a chain of donut shops based in California.

Beverages that start with Y

Yellow again dominates the few beverages that start with the letter Y, represented here. Apart from yerba mate, the rest are all yellow and yeyo: yellow tea, yeyo mimosa, you name it. 

44. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant. It is popular in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. Yerba mate is prepared by steeping the dried leaves in hot water and then sipped from a special cup called a gourd through a metal straw called a bombilla. It has a slightly bitter and earthy flavor and contains caffeine, providing a stimulating effect similar to tea or coffee.

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45. Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is a type of Chinese tea that goes through a unique processing method. The leaves are gently heated and then wrapped in cloth or paper, allowing them to undergo a slight fermentation and oxidation process. Yellow tea has a delicate flavor profile, often described as mellow, sweet, and nutty, with less grassiness compared to green tea. It is known for its yellowish infusion and is valued for its subtle complexity.

46. Yellow Bird Cocktail

The Yellow Bird is a tropical cocktail known for its vibrant yellow color. It typically consists of rum (light or dark), Galliano liqueur, triple sec, and lime juice. The combination of these ingredients creates a sweet and citrusy flavor profile, perfect for enjoying on a warm day.

47. Yeyo mimosa

The Yeyo Mimosa is an orange colored drink made from Yeyo silver tequila, simple syrup, orange and club soda, and served in a chilled champagne flute.

48. Yeyo Mojito

The Yeyo Mojito is a colorful drink made from Yeyo tequila, simple syrup, lime, lemon and mint, and served over ice in a rocks glass.

Herbs and spices that start with Y

From the world of herbs and spices that start with Y emerge many species, from yellow mustard seeds to the rosette leaves of yellow gentian, among other medicinal plants.

49. Yellow Mustard Seeds

Yellow mustard seeds are small round seeds derived from the mustard plant. They have a pungent and slightly spicy flavor. These seeds are commonly used in pickling, Indian cuisine, and as a key ingredient in mustard condiments.

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50. Yarrow

Yarrow is an herbaceous plant that produces delicate, feathery leaves and clusters of small flowers. It is known for its medicinal properties and is used in herbal remedies. Yarrow can be brewed into teas or used as a seasoning in cooking.

51. Ylang Ylang

The tree attains an average height of 12 meters, grows in full or partial sun. The leaves are long, smooth and glossy. The flower is greenish yellow or pink, curly like a starfish.

52. Yohimbe

It is a large tree with yellow-ochre wood and dark green glossy leaves. Capsules, containing winged seeds, follow the Umbel clusters of white to pink tubular flowers

53. Yucca

Yucca usually occurs as dense clusters of stems to 8 feet (2.5 m) tall, tipped with rigid bluish to yellowish leaves. The lower half of the wide inflorescence is typically concealed within the leaves.

54. Yellow Gentian

Yellow Gentian’s stem grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet with a pair of leaves opposite to one another, at each joint. Its root is long (about a foot), thick (an inch in diameter) and yellowish-brown. Its lowest leaves have short foot-stalks but the upper ones are stalkless. The leaves are yellowish-green in color, oblong shaped, pointed and possess five prominent veins.

55. Yellow Dock

The leaves of yellow dock are crisped at their edges. The roots are 8 to 12 inches long, about 1/2 inch thick, fleshy and usually not forked. Externally they are of a rusty brown and internally whitish, with fine, straight, medullary rays and a rather thick bark. It has little or no smell and a rather bitter taste.

Prepared/cooked meals that start with Y

Making the only cut for prepared meals that start with the letter “Y,” is yakitori. Discover more about this savory meat-based dish from Japan. 

56. Yakitori

Yakitori is a Japanese dish consisting of skewered and grilled chicken. The chicken pieces, typically small cuts of meat like thigh or breast, are threaded onto bamboo skewers and cooked over charcoal or a grill. Yakitori is often seasoned with a savory soy-based sauce and can be served with various accompaniments such as vegetables or rice. It is a popular street food and izakaya (Japanese pub) dish in Japan.

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