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Locally known as embizzi, Uganda pork is a favorite delicacy from the pig that has won an appeal with the middle-class. The upper classes in the country go for fresh pork that has neither undergone smoking nor salting for preservation. The biggest majority, however, prefer seasoned ham or bacon (processed thigh and back parts of the pig, respectively).

We source our healthy pigs from family herders from diverse parts of Uganda. We take the animals through a strict veterinary check-up before slaughter. All our meat processing facilities including the ground, roof, ceiling and tools undergo critical examination under the supervision of the country’s Ministry of Health (MoH).

We offer a range of cuts from Uganda pork. The first one is the shoulder which is both tender and tough perhaps due to the continued movement by the living animal. It is perfect for slow roasts and stew preparation. The loin describes the upper flat cross-section of the pig’s flank.  It comes in many cuts that can either be small steaks or wholesome sections. The latter is perfect for stuffing after removing the attached bones.

We also have Uganda pork in the form of fillet. This is the tenderloin which is a soft meat slice that acts as a muscle between the innards and the ribcage. It is perfect for frying or even marinating.  Our rib chop, on the other hand, is a great barbequing slice that comes with whole meat attached to the ribs.  We finish off the flank of the pig with the chump chop. This is a meaty hip side of the pig that can come boneless or attached to the bone.

If you are one for a leg cut, then our Uganda pork supplies come with this signature part. It is one of the sections where to find lean meat with little fat.  If tender is your need, then the innards consisting of the belly or liver cuts would be the ideal choices. Our belly comes whole at its most tender and though fatty, it reeks of aroma when well cooked. The liver of a pig, on its part, is full of flavor in comparison with that of other meat types.

Other cross-sections to go for in Uganda pork include the cheek. This is a tough muscle but great for roasting. There is also the crackling, usually the skin that has gone trimming and then parked in strips. It is great for oven-based cooking.

The packing process for Uganda pork follows strictly phytosanitary conditions. We begin by loading the unpacked carcasses in clean meat crates for transportation to the industrial meatpacking venue. Here, the equipment is sanitized. The cutting and packing happen mechanically free of human handling.

We pack Uganda pork in special vacuum-filled trays that preserve the meat in a fresh condition. We keep the meat free of contamination by lining the interiors of the containers with polyethylene. We also have airtight carcass bags that preserve lengthy strips such as the fore-or hind-quarters. We put product labels on each wrapped piece of meat, together with its inspection certificates.

We store Uganda pork at freezing point in our cold room under cool, dry conditions. We also transport it via our special meat vans to the airport on the same day of packing. We ensure that there is expeditious transfer of the meat to your destination on the same day from Entebbe.

It is thus clear that the delivery of Uganda pork is just a click away. You only need to drop us a line and we will process your order. Right from the meticulous selection of the animals from family herders’ farms to quality check-up under MoH and Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), we keep fresh quality a priority. We also reserve the tonnage at the maximum as we have perpetual contact with our meat sources. The same applies to the price which we always keep low to suit your budget. Make an order today!

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