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We provide high-quality Uganda Beef to the local and export markets.

Though not the leading sector, beef production in Uganda makes about 17 percent of all agricultural produce. It also represents some 9 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.  Uganda keeps herds that range from Zebu to Boran and Sanga for beef production purposes. These are indigenous cattle and are therefore suitable for the country’s relatively dry eastern and northern areas.  About 95 percent of the cattle come from smallholders who keep one to five per farm.

Before we can process any meat, all our abattoirs undergo checking by Uganda’s Ministry of Health officers. The check-up is not limited to the grounds but the PPE that our workers wear and the tools we use. We then check the health condition of the animal before the slaughter can take place. We hence transport the carcasses to our processing point for making the various cuts and for packing.

We offer different kinds of Uganda beef cuts, whose names derive from various body parts and the manner of cutting. The forequarter cuts come with great trimming of the bone-free meat right from the ribcage to the front legs. Our rib cuts consist of both the short ribs as well as prime steak cuts. These are usually popular sources of roasting delicacies. We also have the shank that makes up the central back part of the front legs: well known for its tough tendons, it is an excellent choice for soup-making selections. As an alternative, you may also go for the chuck which is tender meat from the arm front-side of the cow, and it is suitable for steak roasts.

Other tender parts of the forequarters include the brisket which is a barbeque-making part just beneath the chuck. We also provide the plate, a cut that comes from the lowest part just before the belly area. All our cuts enjoy boneless prioritization.

We also provide Uganda beef from the hindquarter, best for anything from frying to roasting and grinding.  The loins’ cuts that we provide include the short loin, which is a dissection from the T-bone of the cow. It makes sumptuous red meat with very tender innards. If you need slightly tougher stuff, you can then select our sirloin that makes up for a flavored cut. We often subdivide it into upper and lower sirloin, each with its diverse attributes of texture and flavor. For fat-free cuts, then you can select our lean, toned Round which is the opposite of the chuck in that it derives from the back side flank of the cow.

If going for tough or ground selections of Uganda beef, then nothing tops the back shank for toughness. It comes with its boneless tendons intact and is good for roasting. For grinding purposes, then the hindquarters’ flank should be your choice. All our flank cuts come as steaks that can go into grinding when they reach their destination.

We pack the various cuts of Uganda beef in waterproof and airtight vacuum-filled wrapper. These cover the flesh from any external contamination. For full carcasses, we use airtight dressing in the form of tight, see-through plastic nets that hug the meat fully. Our other cuts come in small trays made of plastic and lined with polyethylene for maintaining the meat in a controlled environment. During the insertion of the meat into these packages, we use industrial packing systems that are sterilized and prevent pathogenic harm. All our packages come with proper labeling including the source of the meat and the expiry date.

We temporarily store Uganda beef in freezers between the brief period of mechanical packing and delivery to the airport in Entebbe. All our meat vans have quality licenses and undergo interior disinfection before any loading takes place.

Therefore, if you are hankering after some of the most mouth-watering cuts, you now have Uganda beef to count on. We undertake our handling practices under phytosanitary guidelines to ensure that the flesh arrives at your destination at its most sanitary condition.  We obtain quality inspection and health conformance certifications from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) before the cow flesh leaves the airport. We can assure that no matter the quantity you need, you will receive cuts that have prioritized quality. Hand-in-hand with the correct tonnage and freshly butchered meat, we attach any important details that prescribe how to handle the meat at arrival. We also feature very fair pricing terms that align to your budget. Make an order today!


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