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Uganda veal is a premium delicacy that is popular with the middle-class for its tender, moist condition. Most districts in Uganda have a cattle population of from 140,000 to 270,000, which places the number of calves at equally high figures.  The countrymen call the calf meat Enyanna as it is relatively more expensive than beef.

We source our calves for making Uganda veal from the central, north and eastern parts of the country where both beef and dairy cattle are commonplace. Though most locals rarely sell their calves until they have matured into big animals, the appeal of enyanna has nevertheless gripped the country. So, it is always possible to order for veal.

We use certified abattoirs to butcher the calves after the inspection of the grounds and personnel by the Ministry of Health veterinarians. We continue this phytosanitary routine through the packing process. Instead of human handling, we use industrial packing equipment that conveys the cuts to their wrapping points under sterilized conditions.

We offer a range of Uganda veal cuts: one of these is the forequarter that consists of the veal breast. It is the first portion of the ribs on the lower side. It has some lean steak with a thin covering of fat. The breast riblet cut, on the other hand, is made of horizontal meat cuts of ribs with their bones. It is relatively lean but has some few ounces of fat on it.

Our forequarter cuts of Uganda veal also consist of the cubed steak, which as the name suggests is a geometrically sliced bone-free part of the front leg. We also have cutlets that come free of bone especially from the back side of the front leg. Additionally, our veal leg section is a perfect roasting slice that has the shape of a cone. The cut slightly exposes the bone hidden in the steak. If you like, you can also go for the leg ‘round’ cut that is essentially steak with the muscles and tendons of the leg intact. It is exceptional for having some little fat and even some skin attached.

Going a little further to the lower sections of the calf, we cut one of the signature parts of Uganda veal, the sirloin. It is in the rear quarter and consists of the hip bone and other muscular formations. If even tenderer meat is your wish, then the kidney chop is a great choice. It comes with the meat from the sternum right to the loin and the kidneys. There is also a separate loin chop that is a combination of the tenderloin and other surrounding muscles. It is perfect for roasts.

We pack Uganda veal in plastic trays that contain polyethylene linings inside. We vacuum the containers before permanently sealing them to prevent air entry. For full forequarter or rear quarter carcasses, we have perfect airtight bags that take to the shape of the cross-section. They are usually white and contain all details about the meat, such as the source, the packing date and expiry.

We store Uganda veal under cool, dry conditions in our delicatessen-style freezers before their export to your destination. We sterilize the interiors of our special licensed meat vans when ferrying the meat to the airport. Your order will get to you in a space of a day or two.

You no longer have to wait for too long to secure a fresh order of Uganda veal as we are here to serve you. All our calf flesh goes through stringent examination by certified veterinarians before we can dispatch it. The Ministry of Health officials check the status of the abattoir where we butcher the calves while the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UNBS) gives us certificates of meat quality through the packing phase. Thus, no matter the quantity you request, you can be sure that you will get only fresh, uncontaminated meat from us. Furthermore, our prices are quite fair. Make an order today!


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