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Locally known as emdigga ento, Uganda lamb comes from the young of a sheep. The country averages around 1 million sheep without counting the number of goats that is six times higher. Though mutton is premium in a cost comparison with beef, it does not beat the lamb which is the pricier of the two. The people sometimes indiscriminately refer to all goat, sheep or lamb meat as enyama y’embuzi which translate as goat meat.

We source our lambs for making Uganda lamb from the sheep-rearing parts to the north-east of the country. We curate only family herders with a history of no disease among their flocks. We also make sure that each animal goes through careful veterinary checkup before we can take it to the abattoir.

We offer various kinds of lamb cuts starting with the shoulder, with its tough yet moist meat. We also have the loin and rack chops that are tender slices from the upper side of the lamb’s flank. They are amazing for a slow roast or barbeque.

Our Uganda lamb also presents the rump, which entails the back section of the young sheep. The meat is quite tender with some aroma if done in herbs. We offer the rump in steak slices or chops of diverse sizes.

We also have leg chops with the dimensions of about 7 inches in length, 5 inches in diameter and 4 inches in breadth.  They consist of a bone and steak section. It has only little fat, which makes it a lean selection.

If tough meat is your interest, then our shank offer of Uganda lamb would be a good option. It comes from the lower section of the hind legs. However, the meat becomes moistened through a long cooking session. Similar to the hind leg is the slow-cooking neck cross-section that can have the shoulder bone or be free of it.  We also chop it in the form of steaks.

Our packing process for Uganda lamb is highly automated. We do away with human handling to reduce contamination and instead stow our slabs of lamb flesh onto the automatic cutting machines. The conveyor belt that transfers the cuts to the packing rack also comes in a sterilized condition.

We pack Uganda lamb in cellulose plastic trays that we tightly wrap with a single layer of film strapping. We also have carcass bags that align to the formation of the flesh, whether the rib cage, fore-or hind-quarter. Our wrapping containers go through vacuuming to remove oxygen and retain an airless environment for meat preservation. The packed product comes with proper labels that indicate the kind of meat, the country of origin and the expiry date.

We store Uganda lamb cuts in our deli-style freezers fully packed, awaiting transportation. We load the packages to the licensed refrigerated vans under the cool, dry interior of our vast warehouse so as the flesh does not get bad due to temperature change. The cargo arrives at your destination 1 or 2 days after dispatch from Entebbe.

We are thus your most reliable partner in all matters Uganda lamb. We take our meat through strenuous check-up by the Ministry of Health (MoH) during the slaughtering phase. We also have the Uganda National Bureau of Standards which verifies at the point of dispatch that the meat is fresh and in a good preservation state. You can therefore request for any tonnage safe in the knowledge that we pack it under internationally acceptable standards. You also have our word for the most competitive prices. You can start by making an order from us today!


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