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Uganda mutton is a premium meat product from the sheep and goat population. The country has relatively fewer sheep in comparison with neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia which perhaps explains the high prices attached to mutton. The country had 1, 600,000 heads of sheep around 1935 but by 2005 this had depreciated to 1,000,000. Goats were six times this figure at 6, 200,000 for the 2005 census. Many of the smallholders who have undertaken the rearing of the animals emerge from the central parts of the nation. Their lure into the business in the current decade is due to the premium rates that mutton fetches in the market, usually higher than everyday staples like beef.

We source our Uganda mutton from the sub-counties of Kakuuto and Kyalungira, among others in Rakai, a district in the central parts. Here, most of the animal owners prefer sheep over goats, perhaps because they are the rarer of the two. On our part, we only make contact with family herders with small flocks that they manage under good grazing and shelter conditions.

We offer various cuts from all parts of a fully grown sheep or goat. These include:

  • The shoulder: a mixture of hardness and flavor perhaps due to continuous exercise in the goat’s living condition, the shoulder makes for great roasted steak.
  • The chop: our chop from Uganda mutton also goes under the term rack. It is perhaps best known for being pricey but it is worth it as it comes from the rib cage. We cut it in a way that it contains plenty of meaty stuff between the curved ribs for making chops over a roast.
  • Loin: a loin rack is a chop off the T-bone area of the goat’s lower flank around the waist. Not only do they make great roasts but present perfect barbeques.
  • The leg: whole or cut from the knee up, the leg is consistently tough and best when intact on the bone. It works best when roasted on herbs with a smoky finish.
  • Rump: our rump comes from the upper back of the sheep. It is the one section of Uganda mutton to go for if your idea is fat-free, tender and flavorsome meat. It makes for great frying although even grilling brings out results.
  • The shank is one of the low-priced cuts that we offer from the bottom part of the back leg just below the rear knee. It is a staple of the slow-cooking meat dish that also does well in soup-making.
  • The neck is also a low-priced cut that can come as a steak and at other times as part of the shoulder bone. We provide it in great wrapping so that it retains its fresh, red look.

We pack Uganda mutton in airtight polythene wrappers that come with the insignia of our company superimposed on the top. We also have polyethylene-lined carcass bags that perfectly hug the meat when it is on display. Our meat trays feature ample sunken sections where we pack the steak under vacuum-filled conditions. We touch off with proper labeling including the date of packing, the name of the cut and the country of origin.

We store Uganda mutton under cool, dry conditions away from light. We keep the trays in freezer bags during their temporary stay in our cold room. We also transport the meat under specially licensed vans to the airport in Entebbe for immediate shipping.

Therefore, you can now get splendid cuts of Uganda mutton from the heart of the country’s sheep-rearing families. We consort closely with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) throughout the meat processing period to maintain fresh quality. We also ensure that the packing process uses minimal human handling and instead utilizes sterilized equipment. You can expect your shipment in the next one day from our shipping depot in Entebbe. No matter your tonnage, we offer competitive prices that do not break the bank. Make your order today!

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