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Variety Atlantic Tuna, Northern bluefin, Skipjack, bigeye, albacore.
Packing 500g,800g,1kg,2kg retailing From 15kg for bulk export . Ice containers, cans, crates, tins
Size 8kg-300kg
Season From April to October
Storage Stored away from heat. In freezers.
Transport Conditions Chilled ice crates at zero degrees for fresh tuna. Canned or tinned for dried tuna
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Tunas are fast and quick fish. They swim at a quick speed and have a high ability to regulate their body temperatures above that of the surrounding water. Western Sahara tuna has been harvested in the coastal regions of the country for centuries now. The country’s culture relies on tuna for consumption and export since tuna is native to the waters of the Atlantic. The country’s economy is massively grown thanks to the fishing sector, which is the top economical activity in the country.  

The country produces 30,000 tonnes of tuna annually, which translates to 30% of the global tuna consumed. Along the waters of the Atlantic ocean located in western Sahara, varieties like Atlantic Tuna, Northern blue pin, skipjack, and albacore are in large numbers.

The tropical and temperate of the Atlantic are the inhabitation of the tuna. During the tuna season that runs from April to early October, fishers take turns to catch the fastest fish in the ocean., sometimes they do it for consumption and partly as a sport. Methods of trapping tunas used are mainly the famous purse seining way, trolling and, line fishing and by use of fish rods. 

Tunas of all sizes are caught up and sold mainly as fresh tuna. Processing fish units available in the country ease transit of fish, from cleaning and later processing. Tunas can be transformed into dried tuna, cooked, canned tuna, or as sashimi. 

Fresh tuna from western Sahara comes in all sizes and packages. The Fresh tuna is packaged in ice-filled containers and sold while dried tuna is canned, tinned, or bottled. Cooked canned tuna is also available. Delivery of Tuna to food chains around the world is now more comfortable with air cargo. It lacks delays and guarantees delivery. Air cargo is often used to deliver to clients in Europe. Due to delays, sea transportation is sparsely used. Delivery via road truck is done to clients closer to western Sahara nation 

Tuna contains a nutritional value with high protein content and lowers the risk of coronary heart diseases. On a health level, consuming tuna once a week is proven to lower triglyceride levels.

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