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Varieties Blue-ringed octopus, Caribbean octopus.
Packing 500g, 1kg, for retailers Wholesale depends on clients' requirements.Cans, boxes, corrugated boxes
Size 12-36 inches
Season July- December
Storage tightly sealed containers, Frozen for upto 2 months
Transport Conditions Fourteen degrees Celcius for young octopuses, a 19 degrees Celcius for adults.
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Western Sahara octopus is a unique blue fascinating creature known for its wit, intelligence, and ability to squirt ink, as well as its unique locomotive style. In Western Sahara, octopuses are found along the coastal lines of the Atlantic ocean. It has no shells but possesses eight arms and three hearts.

The depth of the Atlantic ocean along the western Sahara ranges from 300 to400, an excellent habitat of the Octopuses. The presence of warm temperatures, deep coastal grounds, and coral reefs are breeding grounds for octopuses. The country produces 30% of the global consumption of octopuses in the world.

The most common varieties of Western Sahara octopuses are; Blue-ringed octopuses, Finned octopus, Deep-sea octopuses, and Octopus Vulgaris.

Western Sahara octopus is mostly available during the winter season that ranges from December to march. During warmer water temperatures, the octopuses sink and wonder deep under the sea, and in the cold season, they are found at the shallow depths of the ocean, giving ease for fishers to collect them. Octopuses are available during the cold season, and during this time they busk in the sun.  

Collecting octopuses is mainly done using pots and plastic bags. The containers are placed along the oceans. Raw fish is also used to lure the octopuses as they prey on baitfish. Octopuses are delicate; therefore, transportation conditions are crucial and critical. Plastic bags filled with seawater are used to export octopuses. PVC cubes covered with mesh for adult octopuses are an option too. 

Transportation temperature for young octopuses are mainly 14 degrees c and for adults at 19 degrees Celsius. In Western Sahara, consumption of raw octopuses is a culture, but with foreign market demand, the octopuses are dried or shredded. Raw octopuses are packaged into ice-filled containers and exported. Dried octopuses are packaged in cans, tins, plastic bags, and boxes.  

Western Sahara exports its octopuses mostly to Europe, North Africa, and the united states of America. The octopus export in the region has boosted the economy of western Sahara. Road delivery and air cargo methods are popular for shipping from the country. The quality of octopuses caught in western Sahara is unmatched; they are of value and provide an excellent seafood experience. Octopus from Western Sahara can be exported anywhere in the world. 

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