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Produce Western Sahara Bonito
Common Name Bonito fish
Variety Atlantic Bonito, Stripped Bonito, Plain Bonito, pacific bonito.
Packing 300g,500g, 750g retailing Up to 15kg wholesale As per customer requirements.
Size 30 inches
Season April – October
Transport Conditions Fresh bonito frozen at zero temperatures.
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Western Sahara bonito is a popular tropical food fish. Bonitos have slippery bottoms and average lengths of 75cm, possessing narrow bases, tails, and arrow of finlets. They swim in large numbers and have no scales.

Bonitos have been consumed all around the world. It is native to the Atlantic and inhabiting mainly oceans and deep-sea waters. With the Atlantic ocean located in western Sahara, bonitos fished from this region are of great taste and demand. The country contributes to 35% of bonitos consumed globally.

Atlantic bonito, striped bonito, plain bonito, pacific bonitos are the varieties found in the coastal waters of Western Sahara. In Western Sahara, the abundance of cool, warm temperatures and coastal headlands hold plenty of bonito fish. Bonito have inhabited the rocky and shallow reefs of the region, making them easy to catch.  

Coastal fishing zones located in the northern part of the country are high catchment areas for bonitos due to the availability of anchovies, squid, and alewives. Bonitos are known to prey on baitfish. During in-season, bonitos in western Sahara are mainly caught using three popular methods;

Trolling: Fishing nets cast to the depth of the ocean trapping schools of bonito fish often are used.
Line fishing:  lines of about 4-8 pounds are laid deep in the water to catch bonito fish
Purse seining: This method is the conventional method used to trap the bonito from the seas. Nets are dragged down the sea using baitfish with bonitos get caught as they prey on baitfish.

The coastal regions of western Sahara have fishing processing units that process, package, and export fish. After bonitos get caught, they are cleaned, scaled, and fresh bonitos packaged in ice-filled containers ready for export. Quantities of 500g, 700g of fish are available, but more than 15kg are bulk exported depending on market needs.

The bonitos packaged are sold as fresh fish, chunks, dried, or cooked. All these grades are available. To buy bonitos from western Sahara, sea shipping and air cargo are the best ways. Air cargo is fast and reliable for delivering fresh bonitos, while sea shipping is ideal for dried or shredded bonitos. Orders closer to western Sahara are delivered via trucks that have cold iced boxes for storing fresh fish. 

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