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Variety Loligo squid, L vulgaris,Giant Squid, European squid.
Packing 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, As per client's requirements.
Size Less than 60cm, giant squid is 13m
Season April to 0ctober
Storage0 degrees Celcius temperature, stored in a freezer for fresh squid. Dried squid 10-20 degrees
TransportationRaw squid transported frozen While dried is transported in warm storage boxes.
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Western Sahara squid contributes largely to the number of squids consumed globally, being a country that produces large quantities of squids.

Squids are cephalopods that have elongated bodies, eight hands with two tentacles. Typically known for their ability to squirt ink and colour change, they are found mainly in the shallow ocean surfaces of the Atlantic ocean.

Western Sahara squids are found along the coastal waters of the Atlantic ocean. Giant squids were considered sea serpents and monsters centuries ago. It is now one of the tropical Seafood consumed worldwide, with 15 % of squids consumed worldwide coming from the Atlantic sea located in Western Sahara. 

Varieties of squid found in the coastal waters of Western Sahara are mainly the loligo squid, l. Vulgaris, Vampire squid, and European squid. Western Sahara squid fishing is mostly done in the shallow areas of the coastal ocean. Waters in the northern part of the country are ideal for squid fishing. One of the foremost standard methods used to catch squid fish are squid jigs and purse seining.  

Long nets are cast in the basin of the ocean, trapping the squid. Once the squid is caught, its parts are cut into portions and packaged. The packaging is done in cans and raw squid transported in ice-filled containers. Dried squid is often packaged in tins, plastic containers, or boxes.

The fresh squid can be stored in a freezer to prolong eating life while dried squid is primarily stored in cool, dry temperatures in containers or shelves. Western Sahara ‘s position enables easy and fast delivery of the squid to clients. The squid is exported mostly to Europe, North Africa. For local supply chains road trucks deliver to the local market while for foreign exports, sea and air cargo are used. Boxes stowage is used to reduce the bursting and crushing of the ink sac of squid when transporting fresh squid. 

During the transportation of fresh squid, cold temperatures of less than zero degrees are mainly used, while dried squid is stored at room temperature. Squids are of great health benefits being high in proteins, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B12. Squid proteins repair tissue and people with arthritis have low selenium, so the consumption of squid regularly helps fight arthritis.

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