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Variety Herring, Salmon
Packing Cans, jars, plastic boxes, Crates
Size 5-8 inches 15cm
Season Available throughout the year.
Storage Refrigerated up to 18 months. Stored in olive or soya bean oil
Transport Conditions transportation of anchovies, 10-15 degrees celsius is ideal The humidity of 90-95%
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If you have ever encountered anchovies fish on your plate, you might think what kind of fish is this. Well, apart from being long and silvered colour fish, Western Sahara anchovies have a salty taste. Anchovies are shinny, small fish with silver colour and soft. They are native to western Sahara’ Atlantic basin and are famous in international cuisine, mainly fished around the coastal areas west Sahara.

Anchovies in the region are smaller, salty and contain low levels of mercury.  The skin is edible and soft, a great delicacy. In Western Sahara, the Laayoune canal and sakia el-Hamra are the highest fishing spots in the country.  These areas produce 35% of general global production.

Varieties like Herring, salmon, are common in Western Sahara. Anchovies are available throughout the year, but peak season starts from May to July during the spring season. They float their eggs on the water surface and hatch their eggs within 3-4 days. 

Swimming with their mouth open, anchovies feed on plankton and fish larvae. When food is scarce, they swim at the front of their fish school and take turns feeding. The country’s fisher-men mostly catch the fish at night while using light boats to attract the fish. Traditionally,  nets and Lampara seines often are used, but on a large scale, they are uniquely caught by the use of pelagic nets placed around the fish school once the fish is caught up and wrapped closed by a footrope guarantees full harvest.

After harvesting, Anchovies are taken to the factory where they are cleaned and salted and subsequently pressed. Placed in temperatures of 18degrees  to 25 degrees Celsius, they achieve a reddish-brown colour and aroma, ready for consumption and export. Fresh anchovies are mainly transported in boxes containing water and ice, and dried anchovies are entirely packaged in cans, jars.  

Western Sahara anchovies are on high demand; therefore, ordering and delivery of the fish from Western Sahara is fast and reliable through this platform.  Air cargo is the primary method used to transport anchovies from western Sahara to export markets in Europe and Africa. Road delivery is also used for orders closer to the country. 

Anchovies from western Sahara are now available throughout the year. They are highly preserved using olive oil and salt. They are often processed into other products like fish meal, fish oil, additives, animal feeds, and dietary supplements. 

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