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We provide high-quality Rwanda rice to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda rice from family growers in the country.

Since the end of the 1950’s when the crop first landed in the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda rice has become a staple in home use and export. The total production margin of paddy grain or unpolished rice is 27, 866 kilograms. Despite being an essential food source, many growers sell the bulk and reserve just 15 percent for home use. The demand in both rural and urban markets such as Kigali is so high that many farmers have embraced the crop as a livelihood. It grows in the high plateaus of Rusizi, Umutara, Ngali, Kibungo, Butare, Nyagatare and Cyangugu. Potential wetlands for the crop that the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock recommends include Huye in the south, Kabuye in Kigali province and Rwamagana in the east.

Rwanda rice comes in four major varieties: Basmati 370, WAT 9, Kigoli and Nerica 9.  The locals call the grain irrespective of variety umuceri in Kinyarwanda. The Swahili name sounds nearly the same, being mchele.

Though rice first made landfall in Rwanda as late as the 1950’s, it was nevertheless one of the first food crops that man domesticated. The cereal originated in China around 8000 B.C.

Eating rice gives the body some 5 percent of the daily requirements of protein, which promotes muscle development. There is also a carbohydrates margin of 9%. Magnesium, which promotes bone development is present at 3%. The level of vitamin B-6 is 5%, a good enough margin for metabolism.

We source Rwanda rice from the Kigali vicinity of Ngali. We also have Cyangugu and Rusizi, paddy fields, among others, to count on. We deal with family growers with less than two acres of cultivated land which they enrich with farmyard compost. We also only partner with farmers that do not use chemical sprays.

We harvest Rwanda rice after 3 ½ months from the planting date. For the late maturing crop, we start the harvest after five months from the planting date. We begin by applying sickles to prop up the rice plants off the paddy grounds. We follow up by cutting off the chaff using sharp cutlery. We then deliver the chaff to the threshing area away from the sun.

The threshing of Rwanda rice takes place after the cleaning is over. Our workers sort mature pods while still in their chaffs from those that are immature or lack grains. The chaff then transfers to the threshing equipment which removes the seeds from inside the pods. After collecting the cereal, we lay it in a single layer on an upraised rack where it can dry in the sun. We go on to pour the grains into portable bales for packing.

We pack Rwanda rice in an automated warehouse environment away from human handling. We offer the produce in gunny sacks, woven bags or jute bags at the basic weight unit of 50 kilograms. Each grade as indicated on the label comes in its separate bag. We use bags with film linings on their interiors to provide optimal transit environment. We attach produce labels of the name or variety, the net weight, date of packing and the country of origin.

Like other grains, Rwanda rice stores well at the room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. We ensure that the cereal is dry enough with a moisture level below 14 percent to prevent mold onset. We maintain a relative humidity of 60 percent. This precaution helps to keep the produce stable with low starch depreciation.

Our vehicles come with modified environment interiors to extend the cold house environment conditions. The dispatch from Kigali makes it at your destination in the space of 24 to 48 hours after that.

We are therefore your one-stop-source of Rwanda rice in at least four commercial varieties including Basmati. Our produce from the land of a thousand hills comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) sources. We maintain quantity parameters by being in touch with family growers throughout the order period to meet the tonnage. On the question of price, we settle for nothing but the lowest rates for our clients. Make an order today!


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