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We provide high-quality Rwanda barley to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda barley from family growers in Rwanda.

Rwanda barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a grass family crop that belongs to a cool climate but just like its lookalike wheat, it grows even in the tropics. Its uses include the making of beer malt. It is also a source of commercially packaged food and makes nutritious feed for livestock. Its extra uses include topping bread and complementing soup. It is an ancient crop as the early Europeans first cultivated it 10000 years ago. The production margins for barley in Rwanda are still low and the country relies mainly on similar crops like sorghum for its beer making needs.

The use barley either as food or drink offers a range of nutrients. One of these is protein for bodybuilding purposes, which is available at 24 percent per serving. The level of iron is 19 percent while that of bone-strengthening magnesium comes in at 33 percent of the daily needs. There is also dietary fiber margin at 68 percent per serving, a substantial margin for promoting digestion.

We source Rwanda barley from various districts across the nation. Our family sources own less than 2 acres which they maintain under farmyard manure. They keep the fields free of chemical sprays to prevent contamination.

We harvest Rwanda barley as soon as we have confirmed that the crop is mature. Various tests exist including the fact that the plant should be 70 days old from the planting date. Other checks include the seed’s dryness level which ought to be high with a moisture content of less than 18 percent. We also prepare to do the threshing and winnowing right at the farm.

We harvest Rwanda barley 70 days or 2 months from the planting date. We employ the services of well-trained farmhands. They cut the chaffs containing the ripe grains using cutters and are supported by sickles. We then cart away the early-morning harvest to the drying shed for curing.

We thresh Rwanda barley after drying it to a moisture level of below 14 percent. The threshing can be mechanical or manual. For the former, we use combine harvesters which come with threshing sieves that we set at 4 mm and 14 mm to separate the grains from the debris. An inbuilt fan blows the produce such that the chaff lights off while the solid grains pass through the sieves. They collect in a tank where we collect them. We do manual threshing by the use of rolling pins on two tarpaulins. These help to unzip the chaffs and expose the grains. We finalize by winnowing the grains by blowing air on them to reduce grain impurities.

We pack Rwanda barley in bulk format. We have gunny bags of 50 kilograms. There are also sacks of similar unit size.  All the bags feature polyethylene interior linings that preserve the grains during transit. We stick the appropriate labels on each package. These feature the name of the produce, the net weight, the country of origin and the packing date.

Our storage routines for Rwanda barley aim for very low temperatures of below zero at -6 degrees Celsius. The reason is to deter the occurrence of insects like weevils which persist at room temperature. We maintain dimly-lit, cool, dry conditions in our warehouses during this duration.

We transport Rwanda barley to the airport in Kigali immediately after the temporary storage that follows packing. The dispatch by air usually makes it to your city in one to two days depending on the relative distance.

In short, if you are after one of the best natural sources of beer ingredients, then our fresh Rwanda barley answers the purpose. We obtain the resource from only family growers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We ensure that there is correct tonnage on the set date by liaising with our farmers early during the order period. We also ensure that the prices are low to meet your budgetary requirements. Make an order today!

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